You Missed Out on 100% Gains Last Week!

Two weeks ago, I bought a stock that has a highly accurate test for COVID-19 that you can use like a home-pregnancy test.


Management says it will be ready in weeks, only cost US$30 and they make $10.


I’ve been investing in junior markets for 30 years. I know the players, and all their lines. But the man who gave me this pitch had TWO winners with me—so I believed him.


The stock was trading at $1. Subscribers and me piled in. Within days, the stock was $2—and me and my subscribers sold half to ride for free.


It was a quick double—and we took advantage of it. That’s the kind of wins you’ll find in my newsletter.


I spend all my days research new stocks, and trying to better understand the ones I’ve got. It means looking at financials yes, but it’s als about working my network to figure out where opportunity is.


Two weeks before that, I alerted subscribers to a junior biotech trading for cash at $1 with a near term catalyst—Phase III clinical trial results. Those results aren’t in yet—but the Market went on a speculative frenzy in anticipation—and again, the stock doubled in days.


With gold breaking out, I’ve got a list of companies with top management teams, tight share structures, and millions of ounces of gold in the ground that the Market is about to take MUCH more seriously. Now is the time to buy them.


Make the most of this gold market—the winners will be steady and large. Make money starting NOW—right HERE.


It’s the most fun thing I’ve ever done. I’ve got a simple thought.


If someone is going to pay you to provide them with some investment ideas…

Then don’t you owe it to them to put your own money on the line beside them?

If I was someone paying for an investment letter…


I would have zero interest in one where the writer did not think that his or her own ideas were safe or good enough for his or her own money.


Airlines won’t put a bag on a plane unless there is a passenger attached to it.

That is a common sense policy right?


Wouldn’t another common sense policy be to not pay for an investment newsletter where the writer doesn’t buy his own ideas?

You know that it is…


That is why I’ve structured the Investing Whisperer Trading Service the way I have.


I put my own money in every company that I speak about to my subscribers.

Since so many fine people are kind enough to give my service a try.


I feel that the least I can do is invest alongside of them.


Virtually my entire net worth is invested alongside the same companies that I put in front of my subscribers.


Isn’t that how it should be?


If I feel that someone should care enough about my investment ideas to pay me for them…


Shouldn’t I at least put my own money into those ideas?

It is a no-brainer for me.


I feel it is the right thing to do.


Yet I’m a rarity in the investment newsletter business.


A business dominated by giant publishing marketing machines.


Written by people with none of their own money on the line.


And to be quite honest, an underwhelming amount of investment ability.

Look, I don’t have millions of dollars to throw into marketing the Investing Whisperer.


I live and die by my investment results.


The money I make from the Investing Whisperer subscriber service is tied directly to those investment results.


Because unlike the big marketing machine publishers…if my investing performance isn’t exceptional, I’m dead in the water.


That is why I work so hard to come up with ideas like the company I want to put in front of you today.


Because my own money is on the line —I’m extremely risk averse.

I also love companies that pay a large dividend—like this company. That means I get free cash in my jeans every 90 days.


And boy do I love growth…like what this company has in front of it for the next decade at least…


It is growth that drives share price returns over time…


My Investing Whisperer subscribers can attest to that.


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