Urgent Conference Call Coronavirus Impact How To Profit NOW And When The Fear Subsides

The man who has made me more money than ANYONE – Nathan Weiss – is hosting a special conference call on the latest Coronavirus, COVID-19.


On this call, you will learn


  1. Why there will be vast improvement in treatments in the next 1-2 months (the response by the global medical community is better than you think!)
  2. Where and why the Coronavirus is happening – and how we can map out where it will break out when
  3. The top medical stocks that are a play on Coronavirus
  4. Why this COVID-19 came at the worst time in the business cycle, and will hurry up the recession that was already coming

What stocks to buy when COVID-19 fears subside


1:00 PM EDT , 10:00 AM PDT




Nathan Weiss runs an institutional newsletter with only 25 clients – and I am the only retail newsletter subscriber. His insights over the last 10 years in the energy markets have made me well over $1 million. 


He has a way of looking at data and finding cause-and-effect relationships that others don’t see until much later. 


He has been researching the COVID-19 virus, and he will be outlining his top stock picks for this issue on a call with us, this coming Monday. His detailed analysis and charting is something to behold on its own! 


Nathan is one of the cornerstones of our premium subscriber service, THE CONVERSATIONS. (Email me if you are interested in learning more about this group!)


This will be one of the most profitable hours of your investing life in 2020!


Nathan’s research has made me over $1 million. Here are just a few of his ideas:


  • Dec 2010 Golar LNG (GLNG) up 200% (that’s a triple) in 6 months


  • Sept 2011 Northern Tier Refinery up 50% in six months


  • Feb 2013 Green Plains (GPRE) up 400% (that’s 5x!) in 18 months


  • Nov 2013 Pacific Ethanol (PEIX) from $3-$23 in six months


  • June 2016 Resolute Energy (REN) from $7-$48 in 8 months


  • Oct 2018 TLT-NYSE inverse ETF for US interest rates—up 50% in this horrible market!


This is a GREAT way to start making money using our independent research.


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Keith Schaefer