This Team’s 2019 Play Went Up 500% Their 2020 Stock Is Better

Making a lot of money in junior mining is actually pretty simple. Partner a strong technical team with a strong finance team, and pay up for good assets. Insert all that into a tight share structure where the insiders don’t get too greedy and leave some room for retail investors to make money.

I have found such a company. I know the team VERY well — and not just because their flagship gold play has gone up 567% in the last 18 months.

Their stock was able to do that because they have what the market wants — high grade gold deposits that have low capex — ones that don’t take a lot of money to get into production.

This new listing — and you get the name and symbol for free tomorrow — follows that Modus Operandi perfectly. They have TWO advanced stage, high grade, gold assets, and they are bringing it to trade with only 49 million shares out, a market cap of just $25 million, and the Enterprise Value — where you subtract the cash in the kitty or add the debt — of only $18 million.

The company has just listed their shares — this is the ground floor. I’m telling you about it before ANYBODY else.

Their assets combine what the Market wants now — both high grade and low development cost. 

This group is strong in the market — really strong. Well respected technically, and investors love them.

They could bring the most remote piece of moose pasture to investors now and I think the stock would be a double or triple. But that isn’t how they operate. And the truth is that this next venture launching is years in the making.

The Top Geological Detectives

On The Continent

Two years ago this team recruited three of the world’s top geologists and gave them money to go find something very specific. The marching orders for the geologists was to find:

  1. Something in South America. 
  2. Something the public market has never seen before.
  3. Something with high grade gold.
  4. Something technically advanced — maybe an old producer, for example
  5. Something that they could possibly raise $20 million quickly in a good gold market.

Yes, this was no easy task. 

But… they also gave these geologists the most important advantage in the world — they gave them the advantage of TIME. The geologists weren’t tasked with finding something fast, they were tasked with finding something good.

Really, REALLY good.

All three geologists are credited with mine discoveries. Two of them spent many years specifically looking in South America for big gold deposits for major mining companies.

This group isn’t just knowledgeable about the region… they are the most knowledgeable players on the continent. 

They knew where to look, who to talk to, to literally find that hidden gem, that hidden nugget — a great asset that was unknown to the general market.

The geologists’ asset selection strategy was actually pretty simple. All three of them had to agree 100% on an asset, otherwise they took a pass. 

When I say ‘agree’ what I mean is that they all had to believe that each asset was basically a lay-down homerun. “Good” didn’t cut it. 

The approach here was all about building the ultimate shortlist of assets… no properties with “7 out of 10” potential allowed, just perfect 10s — and they all had agree.

Hundreds of potential projects were considered. The CEO of this new listing — who was one of the geologists — spent countless hours searching the public domain for the highest grade assays all over South America.

That list was whittled down to 100 that were “interesting”. Then came the deep dive — site visits, desk-top modelling, intensive research.

After 2 years of scouring the continent the list of 100 “interesting” properties became just the 2 assets that the geologists could all agree on — but OMG their patience has paid off with some incredible projects.

This will be one of the hottest plays of the year, especially given how much the market already loves this team.

Nobody Knew the Family Was Sitting

On A Potential Major Gold Mine

I’ve never wanted to be a geologist so bad as when I heard the story behind this team finding their marquee asset. To me it sounded like was part two-year trip of a lifetime exploring South America, and two parts Indiana Jones-like treasure hunt.

Of course the reality would have been much different — this would not have been a sexy experience. Spending hour after hour, day after day, week after week digging through decades of old mining records — with zero guarantee that anything good would ever be found — would be excruciating.

While I don’t have the patience (or ability) to spend two years grinding like this, these guys do and it was well worth the wait.

They knew what they were looking for. They had a very specific geological model in mind, and the asset had to be privately held (think — rich Latin family office) that would be unknown to the public markets. 

It took months and months, but their marquee asset was exactly what they were scouring for. It was owned by a private family — it had been for decades. The asset had been mined by the grandfather decades ago, using the tools and techniques of his time.

The property passed to the sons who were lawyers, not miners. Not only were they not interested in developing it, they didn’t think there was any money in it anyway. 

They were wrong — it just took the trained eyes of three world class geologists to recognize it. While the grandfather had worked the surface of this asset for years, The Really Big Prize lay further below — and would cost some money to develop.

It’s not his fault, he wasn’t a world class geologist with decades of experience. 

This style of mineral deposit is shaped like an inverted carrot… skinny at the top and wider as you go down. While the grandfather had done some work on the tip of the carrot — almost all of the resource lies below.

After months and months of searching this was the asset that ticked all of the boxes. This was the asset that all three geologists agreed was worthy.

1 – High grade, this was mandatory

2 – Low cost development, easy to mine

3 – Modest entry cost, wanted to keep share count tight, low acquisition cost greatly improves the economics

4 – Easy to access location, safe political with infrastructure and labor

It wasn’t easy to find a project that had been hidden for decades, owned by a low-key private family. All it took was the three most connected South American geologists ever and two years of work to dig it out…

Now they develop it. The first high grade assays were released upon listing — tens of metres long of multi-gram per ton gold.

The Drill Bit Will Again Drive the Share Price

The team behind this new listing has huge credibility. Their flagship gold stock is now up 500%, and research reports are flying out of the brokerage houses on it — with target prices almost double the current share price.

Fantastic drill results drove that share price increase.

I expect that will be the case again here… and the drilling is happening now.

The way this geology works, investors can expect to see is that not only the size of the resource here going to get bigger (perhaps exponentially so), but also the already-high-grade is expected to improve. That is how the geology in this type of deposit works.

The real prize here is deeper underground and it has been left completely untouched by previous surface level development. Past mining has been at the surface only, and with a limited amount of drilling.

But that drilling was enough to provide the data that shows that this deposit is going to get much wider, much BIGGER with depth.

The top of the deposit is actually one of the highest grade gold copper tourmaline breccias ever discovered — so it is very exciting that the data points to the deposit getting wider and higher grade with depth.

Now after decades this property is finally going to get developed properly. With modern techniques an technology, by a company with a deep bench of expertise and proper capital to exploit the opportunity.

Over the next six months the drill bit is going to be producing news flow for this company. If this asset is what this team thinks it is… the next six months is going to be very exciting.


This stock has everything I could ask for — A Dream Team Management with a 500% win this year, so their network is strong — with a fresh story of high grade gold and a tight share structure.

That is the combination that you want, because that is what ultimately drives cash flow. 

Tomorrow I’m going to reveal to you the name and ticker of this company that offers you all that.

The market will love anything that this team comes out with after their last big win. A deeper dive will give you more reason to appreciate this company.

This is a fresh story, with an advanced stage property inside a well-funded and tight share structure… it’s a perfect setup for gold investors. At such a cheap valuation, there is lots of room for share price appreciation — assuming the management team can deliver the drill results.

In addition to the name and ticker of this company… tomorrow I will tell you exactly what you need to know:

  1. Details of the 500% return that this group’s last company has produced
  2. Background of the talented South American geologists who spent two years digging out the best new asset on the continent
  3. A breakdown of the assets that made the grade after two full years of searching
  4. The game plan for the marquee asset where the drill bit is turning today


The assets that these geologists have found have never seen the light of day in a public company. Nobody knows these stories.

They are ultra-high-grade. They have been owned by wealthy South American guys for years, mined at some small scale.

This Dream Team of geologists used all their experience and connections to being these assets to the public markets for the first time ever.

The stock has only been listed for days. It’s ground floor for the best team in South American exploration. High grade gold has already been released — tens of metres long of multi-gram per ton gold.

Tomorrow you can profit from their lifetime of hard work.