Tomorrow I’m going to tell you about an exciting junior mining company that is NOT Chris Taylor’s next deal.

That’s kind of a weird thing to say…….

I mean, Taylor’s companies have done REALLY REALLY well this year—Great Bear going to $19, and Kodiak Copper going from 40 cents – $3.50 is a great year for anyone.

This man’s nose for good geology is beyond doubt.

But this company that I’m going to tell you about tomorrow—is NOT that.  Taylor just happens to be a happy shareholder (and an advisor) to this company—because he sourced their high-grade, oxide gold property.

Taylor used to own this high-grade gold oxide property in Great Bear—and he LOVED it.  But that was back in 2015 when nobody could raise money for junior gold…and to be fair, Taylor was not yet Sir Chris with two major discoveries under his belt.

Taylor told me in an interview just a couple weeks ago that this has been one of his favorite gold properties—EVER.  It has incredible alteration on surface that goes for kilometers—so there is HUGE size potential!  Infrastructure is very close (but not too close!).  There are lots of operating mines nearby.

Taylor’s exact words on this property: “You go out there, and you can walk for kilometers, and not find a rock that isn’t altered, veined, messed up in some way. A person can visibly see the mineralization, you can see structure, 90% of it is outcrop.”

So, when his new partner—John Robins of Discovery Group—was looking for a good gold property, Taylor knew exactly where to point him.

This part of the property has had 35 historical drill holes and every one of them hit mineralization.

And look at recent trenching results:

            8.4 grams per tonne (g/t) gold over 25.6 meters
          4.22 g/t gold over 42.7 meters
          3.78 g/t gold over 43 meters
          8.57 g/t gold over 2.1 meters
          4.65 g/t gold over 6.1 meters
          2.46 g/t gold over 34 meters
Look folks—oxide gold can be thrown on a heap leach pad at very low capital cost and very low operating costs.  It’s so cheap to mine that some gold producers show good positive cash flow at a third to a half a gram per ton gold.  (I always find it incredible you can mine your pinky fingernail out of a piece of rock the size of your desk and make money at it).
There are lots of companies that crow about 0.7 g/t gold being a fabulous grade.  This property has multi-gram showings all over the place.
This company that I’ll reveal to you tomorrow has:

-High grade oxide at surface
-with visible alteration/structure that runs for kilometers
-Chris Taylor sourcing the property
-inside John Robins’ Discovery Group
-and 35 drill holes that all hit mineralization
…in a market where gold is flirting with all-time highs.
This company is drilling right now. The first results are due out…probably before Christmas.
If this system is mineralized like Taylor and Robins hope—then investors and the Market have another Huge Win.

As a junior mining speculator, you know Taylor, and you also know the group to which Taylor has entrusted this exciting asset.  It is a team that you will be very happy with if you have been following my free e-mails in 2020.

A Recipe For Success That Has Worked – Time And Again

Discovery investing has made me—and my readers—a ton of money over the past 9 months.  I pick a great team with a great play and get in before drilling starts—and then get rewarded BIG TIME if that company makes a meaningful discovery.

Remember they are rare, but discoveries bring about huge increases in the value of a stock quickly.  That’s why I invest here!

While discovery investing is high risk, I use a simple recipe to help me (and you!) find success:

1 – Invest only with the truly great mining teams
2 – Make sure that the team has a promising asset (the great teams always do)
3 – Check that the share structure is really clean

That last point is very important. A clean share structure means few shares outstanding, and no warrants that can be a drag on the share price.  This team has put up almost all the money for exploration so far, and even went so far as to recently exercise all their warrants WAY in advance of expiry.

Then sit back, relax and see what happens.

Only a few exploration plays work out—but when they do…oh boy!  Being a disciplined investor, investing only with the best teams that have a track record of repeated success—is key.

Tomorrow’s stock doesn’t just have the hottest man in junior mining, Chris Taylor, sourcing the asset…it also has John Robins’ Discovery Group as the management team.

This team knows how to source great assets AND how to structure public companies so retail shareholders get a fair shot—they don’t give themselves tens of millions of shares. Robins and his team are top class of the sector in every way.

As they always do, the Robins Discovery team has funded this deal themselves, quietly, so management has a huge position in the stock—that they paid for!  This is a group that can write big cheques, so they can get an exciting play moving where others can’t.

Robins was so impressed by what Taylor told him about the potential for high grade oxides that he immediately flew to visit the property to see it for himself.  The same huge geologic alteration over kilometers that struck Taylor also hit Robins.

They were able to get a deal done with the prospector with the claims and the company is now drilling!
At this point I really shouldn’t need to say any more. 

If John Robins and Chris Taylor—two of the top geologists of this generation, each with multiple Big Wins for Shareholders–both love this high grade oxide gold property……you literally could not ask for a better setup as a junior mining investor.

But the story here does get better.  After I give you the name and symbol of this company—that is NOT Chris Taylor’s next deal—I’ll explain how they applied the latest satellite platform technology—called WorldView 3—to outline where two large mineralized systems meet on their property.  This is the most obvious and high priority drill target!

Worldview 3 is the highest resolution satellite imagery. What it can pick up is FREAKY—and it could be a game changer for what is already an exciting high grade oxide gold property. MAJOR DISCOVERIES are often made at the point where two big systems intersect.

Do Not Miss My E-Mail Tomorrow Morning

I think this company has everything you want in the setup up for a major gold discovery.

There has been historic drilling on the property as well and the results were exceptional.  Previous drilling confirmed the existence of a big mineralized system. The location is also in a well-endowed mega trend with lots of mines and deposits around it.

There is ABUNDANT targets and mineralized showings. Recent trenches by show 4 g/t++ grades over tens of meters. There are historical trenches at similar grades and widths.

The only reason this property isn’t a lot farther ahead is because the prospector who owned it is a tough negotiator; he wanted fair value for it.

Robins and his team now have the luxury of historical drilling with ore grade results, and backed up with geochem, and all these very modern other things like Lidar, and WorldView that make them highly confident that they are on the verge of something major.
Confidence is one thing.  Drill results are another.
Look for my e-mail tomorrow morning.  In it you are going to learn:

1 – The specific details of this asset — one of Chris Taylor’s long-time favorites
2 – John Robins plan for the project in the coming weeks and months
3 – The near-term catalysts I see coming
4 – And of course the name and ticker of the stock

Taylor and Robins have made shareholders A LOT of money this year.  Now I have the chance to own their favourite pre-discovery play for pennies a share (AND I DO OWN IT!).

I want to repeat—this company is NOT Chris Taylor’s next deal. He is just a shareholder.  But the stock might act like one.