There’s Only ONE SURE THING in the Market Today – More Liquidity

The Market had its biggest UP day in history Monday, with the Dow up 1294 points, as central bankers around the world committed to liquidity for the Market. That will mean lower interest rates and making more money available to keep the global money flow going!

Of course, this was in response to the first post-IPhone flu pandemic, COVID-19.

COVID-19 may or may not be a global killer flu strain. But for sure, government and business response to it has been massive as it moves into an area:

  1. mass quarantines in China for tens of millions of people
  2. Japan is now paying people to stay home
  3. In North America, Costco line-ups an hour long or more as people stock up, fearful they may not go out for days or more

All this will have a definite impact on the global economy – even if it’s only for a quarter or two.

Nobody really knows how big the economic impact will be, or how quickly the Market might start to price in a potential cure (very bullish) or at least a reduction in cases & deaths expected (mildly bullish).

No, the ONLY SURE THING IN THE MARKET TODAY… is more liquidity is coming. 

And that my friend, is very good news for GOLD. 

Gold stocks have explosive upside – especially if they are growing production in a rising gold price environment like we have now

I see huge near term capital gains in my future with one stock:

  1. Massive growth underway as production is doubling in the next 12 months
  2. The dividend just jumped 100%, and I expect TWO MORE increases in the next 12-16 months, even if gold does not go up from here
  3. Management has a big stake in the company
  4. This company’s growth engine is inside the United States
  5. A tight share structure, creates explosive upside
  6. Zero long term debt on the balance sheet 

Central bankers will continue to pour gasoline–LIQUIDITY!–on this fire –and this US gold stock will keep increasing dividends along the way. Get this gold stock before the next dividend increase – click HERE!