“I’m about to use my $2.5 million portfolio to make a large and unusual investment
(Hint: It has NOTHING to do with energy)”


I made 900% return (and $2.5 million) investing in energy stocks. But I’m about to show you a way to potentially make as much money, in much less time using a simple system I’ve developed…

Update January 9th, 2020. I made the investment. It’s working out great. The stock is moving. I’m convinced it’s going to keep moving up. 

I’m so convinced this stock is a winner that I will make you a special offer to you that makes it risk-free to learn the name of this stock. Keep reading to learn more about who I am or click here to learn about this special time-sensitive offer.


Dear Reader,

This is the true story of how I made $2.5 million in 10 years–basically from scratch–by investing in the energy markets…

Starting with a small, $50,000 investment portfolio

Today, just ten years later, that same portfolio has over $2.5 million – a 900% return.

That’s an impressive performance on its own.

But here’s the thing… during that period, most energy investors made NO MONEY. The entire sector was flat…

If you would have invested $10,000 in a basket of energy stocks in March 2009, you’d have less than $15,000 today – that’s a measly 4% a year on your money.



But if you would have followed my investment method, that same $10,000 would be worth $100,000 today – 10x more than your original investment.

How did I drastically outperform the markets over the past decade?

Maybe you already know the story, maybe you don’t…

But I’d like to tell you, because I’ve just discovered one of the greatest wealth-building opportunities I’ve seen in my career.

And I believe the window to profit from this opportunity is closing fast.

But before I discuss that with you, let me share a quick story with you…

In November 2013, I purchased a company called Pacific Ethanol (PEIX) for $3.15 per share.


Here’s a one-year chart…



As you can see, shares moved aggressively higher just after I invested.

Corn is the main input cost for an ethanol producer. So, low corn prices mean fat margins. I believed corn prices were headed lower.

Sure enough, after I bought PEIX, corn prices plunged… and ethanol companies benefited.

I sold Pacific Ethanol in July 2014, when shares hit $23 – that’s a 630% return in about nine months.

 How did I know this would happen?

Thanks to a proprietary system I devised, which allows me to find fast-moving, explosive winners – in any market.

In a moment, when you see what my system, which I call The Schaefer Method, is telling me to invest in today – I think you’ll be as surprised as I was.

First, here’s another example of my system at play…

I invested in a small oil producer called DeeThree Exploration (DTX-TSX) in October 2011.

DeeThree was an entirely new oil play the market wasn’t even aware of. And thanks to the Schaefer Method, this company was on our radar before anyone else.

I bought the stock at $1.96… And over the next six months, shares rose to $12.



That’s a six-bagger in half a year.

Those are just two quick examples of actual investments my readers and I made using the Schaefer Method.

In total, I’ve invested in 49 triple-digit winners using my proprietary method. Here are a few examples…



  • Cdn Energy Services – 279%
  • Polaris Infrastructure – 125%
  • Rock Energy – 246%
  • Parex Resources – 102%
  • Canamax – 483%


Why is the Schaefer Method so effective? And what is it telling us to invest in today?

Let me show you…


How the Schaefer Method Made One Reader $7 Million


In July 2016, I bought a company called Resolute Energy (NYSE: REN).

One of my indicators for the Schaefer Method was screaming this little-known stock was a buy.

So I decided to invest when shares were $7


Just one year later, shares of Resolute Energy soared to $48. as the Permian Basin (a patch of land in the Southwestern US) became the largest oil discovery in the past decade.

I made nearly 6 times my money in a single year. And one of my subscribers, a man from British Columbia, made more than $7 million on that ONE trade.

 How did the Schaefer Method tip us off to this opportunity?

One of the first things I look for when making a large investment is who else is buying…

Specifically, I’m looking for company insiders that own a lot of stock (or, even better, are actively buying). I’m also looking for big names in the industry, or well-respected funds, that are buying the stock.

 In Resolute’s case, a savvy, oil billionaire (a man named John Goff) was building a huge position in the company.

So I started digging… and running the company through the other, seven factors I consider before investing a single penny of my money.

It checked my boxes… so I decided to invest.

And one year later, I was sitting on 700% gains in Resolute Energy.

Let me show you another example of this at work…

In February 2013, I purchased stock in an ethanol company called Green Plains Renewable Energy (GPRE).

Similar to my Pacific Ethanol trade (which made us 630%), I expected Green Plains to soar as corn prices went down.

And shares of Green Plains soared 163% in just over one year.

Coastal Energy is another example of the massive wealth created by the Schaefer Method…

I bought shares of Coastal after the company hit two monster oil wells in the Gulf of Thailand.

Shares had already run from pennies to $2.50. And the market doubted it could run much further.

So I used my network (a key component to the Schaefer Method) to get the former COO of Coastal on the phone. And he told me the real story… a very bullish story.

Just over a year later, shares soared to $16 – making us 540%.

I’ve used the Schaefer Method for the last decade to generate enormous gains in the energy market. In addition to the examples I shared above, we made…


  • Banker’s Petroleum – 338%
  • Wavefront Technologies – 288%
  • Ridgeline Environmental – 102%
  • Second Wave Petroleum – 137%
  • Xcite Energy – 532%
  • Petrominerales – 199%
  • Primary Petroluem 837%
  • Golar LNG – 128%
  • Contact Exploration – 237%
  • Tag Oil 186%
  • Midway Energy – 172%
  • Painted Pony – 207%

And those are just a handful of examples.

This proprietary technique has made both me and my readers wealthy… and it continues to do so.

But I started to wonder…

If my method generates such enormous profits in the flat energy sector, how would it perform in a sector that was actually going up?

Wait till you see what happened…  


An Experiment That Changed
the Course of My Career


About a year ago, I conducted an experiment…

Does the Schaefer Method work outside of the energy sector?

I performed a study, applying the same formula I used for massive gains in energy to several industries…

As I suspected, I was successful.

And the results I generated using my system were humbling…

For example, in January 2018 I recommended (and personally invested in) my first company outside the energy sector using the Schaefer Method.

The company was Viemed (VMD.TO). It’s in the medical devices sector.

Viemed went public in December 2017 and very few people knew it even existed.  

Using the Schaefer Method, I discovered the company just one month later… before ANY OTHER analyst out there.

And it paid off BIG for my readers.

We first invested when shares were $2.60.

Over the next 18 months the company kept performing… management continued delivering incredible results. And I kept buying all the way up.

Today, we’re sitting on gains of nearly 500%.

 Anyone who followed the Schaefer Method into our first, non-energy investment made an absolute fortune.

How did the Schaefer Method alert us to this stock before anyone else… and lead us to a four-bagger in only 18 months?

Well, Viemed ticked ALL my boxes…

Revenue and cashflow were growing like crazy. The company had more cash than debt. And it was managed by the company founders (who had lots of skin in the game).

Needless to say, our first investment outside energy using the Schaefer Method was a huge success.

But I think the biggest gains are yet to come…

So what is my system signaling today?

The answer surprised even me… and led me down a completely new path for the first time in my career.

In fact, using my Schaefer Method, I found another tiny, little known company that is about to become a large, personal investment.

And I want to give you the opportunity to invest with me.

When I tell you the story behind this company, I know you’ll be as excited as I was.

Just like with Viemed, the Schaefer Method is once again “screaming buy” on a little-known company operating in one of the hottest sectors in the world…

The greatest fortunes being made today…

On May 9, 2019, ride-hailing app Uber went public at a valuation of $75 billion.

Early investors were able to cash out their stakes for incredible profits.

On that day, the $12 million venture capital firm Benchmark Capital put into Uber in 2011, was worth nearly $6.5 billion.

And Travis Kalanick, Uber’s founder and former CEO, had a stake worth $5 billion.

In fact, if you would have invested just $10,000 when Uber first took outside investors in 2010, it would be worth $180 million today – 18,000 times your initial investment.

But those types of gains weren’t limited to a single company. An entire, new sector was minting billionaires at an unprecedented pace…

Consider AirBnb, the company that transformed the hotel industry…

AirBnB was only worth $1.5 million in 2008. Today, the company is worth $38 billion. So those first investors made more than 25,000 times their money… that means every $10,000 invested back then is worth $253 million eleven years later.

It’s the same story with the ridesharing company Lyft…

A former eBay executive named Sean Aggarwal was Lyft’s first outside investor. He put in $30,000 in 2007. It’s now worth $100 million.

$10,000 invested in Pinterest in August 2009 would be worth $58 million today.

And $10,000 invested in office messaging software, Slack – which recently went public – would be worth around $121,323,000 today.

You get the idea. Early investors in these Silicon Valley darlings made embarrassing fortunes.

But these gains were totally off limits to the average investor. Venture capital investors put billions into these private companies for a decade (watching their valuations move higher and higher).

And only when these companies went public, and the early investors could cash out, could you get a piece of the action.

And, I’m sorry to say, at that point, it was already too late.


Despite their HUGE valuations and all the hype, these companies don’t make any money.

 Slack lost more than $500 million over the past three years. And it’s selling software (a product with incredibly high margins).

WeWork, the company offering flexible workspace, doubled sales to $1.8 billion in 2018… but losses that year increased to a staggering $1.9 billion.

Pinterest, the social media platform, lost nearly $200 million over the past two years.

Why are these businesses, which are growing so rapidly, losing so much money?

They’re engaged in a winner takes all battle… and seemingly unlimited venture capital allows these companies to grow their businesses at any cost…

The cost to this growth, it turns out, is profitability.


The Next Uber…


But there are a handful of smaller companies, one of which I’ll tell you about today, that help these tech giants on their quest for growth.

They provide the “picks and shovels” these firms need to succeed.

And, as you’ll understand in a moment, I believe these companies are the absolute BEST way to profit from the trillions of dollars sloshing around Silicon Valley today.  

Before I tell you about the tiny company I’m about to personally invest in, let’s take a quick look at Uber…

Uber lost $3 billion in 2018… and $4 billion the year before. Since it started a decade ago, the company has burned $8.9 billion of investor capital.

In fact, the company’s CEO admitted the company may never become profitable… saying its expenses would “increase significantly in the foreseeable future” and the company “may not achieve profitability”…

 Don’t get me wrong, Uber provides a revolutionary service. And the scale it’s achieved with ride-sharing is nearly unparalleled in history.

I believe there are still fortunes to be made investing in ride sharing… but anyone investing in Uber today is likely to lose money.

If you want to make money in the technologies changing the world today, you just have to look a little bit harder…

All of the cash being invested into the ride-sharing space (and the billions Uber and Lyft are losing every year) are flowing somewhere…

And thanks to the Schaefer Method, I found the tiny company that’s vacuuming up those dollars…

As Uber and Lyft provide more and more rides, this company makes more and more money.

Even better – its success isn’t just tied to Uber and Lyft. As basically any of the “gig economy” platforms that require drivers grow – like Postmates, Amazon, TaskRabbit and GrubHub, just to name a few – this small company will profit…


Ridesharing is an Unstoppable Trend… Here’s How You Cash In


There’s only one trend in the ride-sharing space that I’d be willing to bet my money on…

 And I’m about to tell you the single best way to make a fortune as this trend continues…

Take a look at the chart below from Uber:

In March 2016, five years after it launched, Uber logged a total of one billion trips.

Just two and a half years later, Uber hit a total of 10 billion trips – a 10x increase.

Today, Uber is booking 17 millions trips per day (up 41% from a year ago)… and it booked a record 1.55 billion trips in just the first quarter of 2019.

That growth is unprecedented in history…

To put it in perspective…

Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world today (valued at nearly $1 trillion).

While the company makes money selling desktops, laptops and iPads, the largest driver of the company’s success is iPhones.

Apple released the iPhone in 2007. It sold 1.39 million units.

By 2012, Apple sold 125 million iPhones – an 90x increase.

In 2018, it sold 218 million iPhones.

That’s incredible growth… and investors in Apple would have made 925% over that time.

Microsoft released its Windows software in November 1985.

Today, there are 1.5 billion PCs in the world running Windows.

And Microsoft’s stock has risen 144,173% – turning every $10,000 invested into $14.4 million.

But that growth was over more than 30 years…

The growth we’re seeing in ridesharing is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

And I believe smart investors will make some of the largest profits in history, too…

Only 10 years after it began, Uber has booked 10 billion rides. And it’s on pace to book more than SIX BILLION rides a year (and growing).

But even after that impressive growth, the company is only responsible for 1% of all miles driven globally.

And the growing trend toward urbanization, reduced car ownership and the increasing need for personal mobility are all playing in ride-sharing’s favor.

Said another way, Uber – and the ride-sharing industry as a whole –  are still in their infancy.

Uber could double in size from here and it would only be booking 2% of miles globally.

That’s a lot of runway for growth. And I’m willing to bet that growth continues.

But even as Uber (and its competitor Lyft) grow, they should only lose more money (remember, I’m not the one saying the future is bleak… both companies’ CEOs are on record saying so).

And that’s likely a bad deal for anyone buying those stocks today.

But there are still hundreds of billions of dollars flowing into the ridesharing space. And certain companies are positioned to vacuum up those profits…

Using my proprietary Schaefer Method, I found the single-best opportunity for regular investors to cash in on this trend…

This company is tiny (less than one-one-hundredth the size of Uber). It’s not on anyone’s radar. And as ride-sharing demand continues its growth, this company’s profits (and market cap) should absolutely soar.

 I call this company “The Next Uber.”

The Next Uber’s profits are tied directly to more people using ridesharing in the future. But, even better, it solves the biggest problem in Uber and Lyft’s business model…


How “The Next Uber” solves Uber’s biggest problem


Right now, the biggest problem with Uber and Lyft’s business model is a shortage of drivers…

Both companies admit they don’t have enough drivers in most of their markets.

And to make things worse, around 40% of drivers that apply to drive for Uber and Lyft can’t get an approved car.

That works out to 20,000 drivers a month that want to drive but can’t.

And these platforms need more drivers, not fewer…

More drivers mean shorter wait times and better service for riders… which leads to more customers and more revenue.

But if the platforms can’t attract enough drivers, customers will go somewhere else… and the whole business falls apart.

Uber tried to solve this problem itself by leasing cars to new drivers. But it closed that business in 2017 because it was losing $9,000 per car it leased (18x more than the company thought!).

Lyft has its own car-leasing program, but it’s expensive and lots of drivers are going broke renting cars from Lyft.

A shocking LA Times article exposed that several drivers who rent cars from Lyft don’t make enough to afford an apartment… so they’re living in their cars… and still barely covering expenses. 

Uber and Lyft have also partnered with rental car companies to provide cars to new drivers…but that’s also expensive. And drivers who rent through these programs can normally only drive for one company or the other… less flexibility means less money.

As you’ll understand in a moment, The Next Uber’s unique model is a fantastic solution for Uber and Lyft to supply their drivers with cars.

When a driver rents a car through The Next Uber, they’re paying as little as $290 a week – 22% cheaper than competitors.

In addition to costing less than competitors, drivers can also get approved much quicker when they sign up with The Next Uber – I’m talking as little as 12 hours versus two to three weeks with a company like Hertz.

The Next Uber also allows drivers to drive on any platform… they can earn money with Uber, Lyft, Amazon, GrubHub, TaskRabbit, etc.

More opportunities to earn means a happier driver who stays on the job longer.

Plus, The Next Uber isn’t tied to the growth of a single platform… it should benefit as all of these platforms grow.

So The Next Uber is cheaper, easier and more convenient for the 20,000+ drivers a month that want to drive, but can’t find a vehicle.


Here’s How it Works…


The Next Uber matches up drivers to either private car owners (people like you and me) or car dealerships that have idle cars with drivers that need a car.

And it collects revenue all along the way… the company takes a fee from the vehicle owner and the vehicle renter. It also makes a profit on the insurance it provides its customers.

It doesn’t carry any inventory of its own… so it’s “asset light” and doesn’t require loads of capital to operate the business.

That means higher profits (unlike Uber that was losing $9,000 every time it leased a car)… and less downside for investors – the company isn’t taking on loads of debt to maintain an expensive fleet of vehicles and all the costs that go along with it.

They’re just a matchmaker… more cars and drivers on the platform means more money… costs are very low.

Asset heavy guys (like Hertz) are only offering this service because Uber/Lyft are subsidizing the programs. Otherwise, they’d lose a ton of money.

Now you understand how The Next Uber makes money… Here’s the exciting part…


The Next Uber is on the verge of
MASSIVE growth


The Next Uber is getting 25,000+ new driver leads each month. But it currently only has a couple thousand cars to rent out (remember, this company is very new).

But this is a great problem to have…

This tiny company has 10 times the demand for its product than it can supply.

 The only thing standing in the way of massive profitability for The Next Uber is more cars on the platform…

 And it’s about to open the floodgates to loads of new cars…

When The Next Uber started, it targeted individuals with idle vehicles.  That’s working, but it’s now allowing the company to grow fast enough.

Demand for cars on the platform is simply too great.

The big leverage is getting entire car dealerships, which have far more cars to offer, to sign up on their platform.

And that’s exactly what The Next Uber is doing… 

In March of 2019, The Next Uber added its 100th dealership to their platform (with 1,200 cars). That includes one of the nation’s top 20 dealerships (with 40 stores around the country).

In fact, adding more dealerships is The Next Uber’s No. 1 focus right now…

And it’s working… The Next Uber already has a backlog of 200 dealerships that it’s onboarding onto the platform.

And it has 750 more dealerships (and counting) in the pipeline.

An executive at The New Uber, whose previous job was building the largest Ford dealership in the world, believes the company will have 10,000 cars on its platform by the end of 2019.

And it’s only about 1,000 cars away from profitability right now… which it should hit any day now.

The Next Uber ticks all my boxes–but what got me the MOST excited is that this company–with such huge scale in front of it–is just now on the cusp of positive cash flow. 

With the incredible growth this company is about to experience, I expect a fountain of cash flow and profits to start spouting.  

This isn’t something that’s going to happen sometime down the road.  I expect this all to occur imminently.

At 10,000 cars, the company will be gushing cash…and we all know, that’s what makes stock pricess soar.

The only thing keeping The Next Uber from massive profitability today? It can’t onboard new dealerships fast enough. That’s a GREAT problem.

I hope you can see why this opportunity is unique… and why I think the time to invest is now.

For one, I believe more and more dealerships will line up to use this service…


Why Car Dealerships Love The Next Uber


(cars in Toledo, Ohio awaiting shipment to dealers)

US auto sales are on pace for their worst year since 2014.

Sales have fallen every month so far in 2019. And it’s taking longer and longer for dealerships to move vehicles…

That 4.2 million unsold cars are sitting on dealership lots right now – just 114,300 vehicles from the record set in 2004.

Why are car sales struggling?

More people are moving to cities, where they don’t need cars. Uber and other ridesharing services are disrupting the industry. And people are keeping their cars longer because they’re worried about the economy.

Despite the slowing sales, auto manufacturers are still pushing cars on their dealer network… because they want their “sales” numbers to look good to investors.

But the dealers can’t sell the cars they already have…

The situation with unsold cars is so bad that dealers are having to find new ways to store the extra inventory. They’re stuffing the cars anywhere they can – like empty fields and shuttered factories and shopping centers.

OFFSET: “I know my customers have a problem when they don’t have room to park the cars.” Carl Woodward, an accounting servicing more than 250 dealerships in 18 states

Carrying all of these unsold vehicles costs dealerships a tremendous amount of money. It’s killing their already dwindling profitability.

And The Next Uber gives them the perfect way to monetize their unsold fleet…

Once a dealer signs up for The Next Uber’s platform, they can almost immediately start making money from their unsold cars…

The 25,000+ drivers signing up each month for The Next Uber can rent those cars to drive for Uber, Lyft and other services.

And dealerships’ biggest headache becomes a new revenue stream…

The Next Uber has over 100 dealerships on its platform. And it has another 750 that want to sign up.

The company should go from around 2,000 cars on its platform today to 10,000 by year end… which would send the share price soaring.


Manufacturers Love The Next Uber Too…


In addition to working with dealerships around the US, The Next Uber is also working directly with a Japanese and American car manufacturer.

The manufacturers are helping The Next Uber roll out the service to their franchise dealers… and the dealers are scrambling to sign up.

For example, the Japanese manufacturer was going to roll the service out to its six healthiest dealerships. But word of The Next Uber spread, and every dealership wanted to try to program.

The manufacturer didn’t want to be accused of playing favorites, so it gave The Next Uber its entire list of dealerships and told them to start signing them up.  

I think you see, there’s a huge demand from dealerships for The Next Uber’s service.

They’re not making enough money selling cars. And they need to monetize their growing fleet however they can.

The Next Uber’s service helps dealers in three, big ways…

  • It monetizes the extra cars sitting on the lot by renting them out
  • Each driver that rents a car from a dealer is a potential, future customer
  • The extra miles drivers put on those idle cars allow dealers to earn factory rebates when they sell the cars as “certified pre-owned.

Yes, The Next Uber’s service is great for dealerships.

But it’s also great for The Next Uber. The dealership pays The Next Uber every time a car is rented. So does the driver… 

All The Next Uber needs to do is onboard more dealerships onto the platform and it will be incredibly profitable.

It already has 10 times more drivers looking for cars than there are cars on the platform.

The potential scale (and profitability) is massive.

The dealership program is so successful already that The Next Uber has hired the same customer service provider that Uber and Airbnb use… they’re getting ready for massive scale.

As I said earlier, I think huge cash flows and profitability for this small firm are imminent.

And I want you to invest in The Next Uber before it’s too late.

However, that’s just one of the explosive opportunities I’m sitting on today…


Invest in The Next Uber Now


I originally developed the Schaefer Method to invest in energy stocks. And it’s served me well.

I grew my personal portfolio from $50,000 to $2.5 million… and it wasn’t just me making a fortune. My readers were along for the ride as I invested in 49 stocks for triple-digit gains.

Here’s what some of them have to say:

“[Keith’s] newsletter is the best investment subscription I have made in 25 years.” – Subscriber J.M.

“You have made me and my clients the most money ever in 50+ years in the business and I sincerely thank you – and have to pay Uncle Sam upwards of 6 figures  – and he needs it!.” Anonymous

“I have a substantial position in an OGIB position and own it because you made me aware of this unbelieveable opportunity. $400 dollars for your subscription has netted $50K in the last 10 months.” – Subscriber B.W.

But as I mentioned earlier, I started testing the Schaefer Method in other sectors…

And I think the profits my method will generate in the tech sector (and others) will dwarf what I’ve been able to achieve in energy.

We already made nearly 500% with Viemed. And I think the gains we make with The Next Uber will be much, much larger.

I rarely pound the table on an investment idea. But when I do, the gains are usually dizzying.

The growth and scale we’ve already seen with ridesharing is absolutely incredible.

But the growth is just getting started.

And I think The Next Uber is the single-best way for you to profit from the trend.

It checks all my boxes for The Schaefer Method…

*The company is on the cusp of profitability

*Insiders own a bunch of stock

*The company has huge scale

*It doesn’t need to raise money

*Its model is proven in all 50 states

But stocks like The Next Uber and Viemed don’t fit into an energy newsletter. So I needed a new solution to share my best ideas with you…


Introducing My
Brand New Investing Service


I was so excited about The Next Uber, I decided to create an entirely new investment service dedicated to investing in technology and others sectors outside of energy…

I’m calling it Investing  Whisperer.

To give you an idea of how big I think this opportunity is, I haven’t launched a new service in a decade.

And to celebrate this new service, I want to give you 50% off regular subscription, forever.

 But before sharing those details, let me tell you a bit more about Investing Whisperer.

I think the money-making potential outside energy is massive right now. And I’m confident my Schaefer Method will continue delivering huge gains.

Just like my other, energy-focused service, I will invest my own money in every, single recommendation I make in Investing Whisperer.

And because we have real money on the line I’m incredibly picky about what makes it into the Investing Whisperer portfolio.

Unlike many other advisory services, I’m not going to make a new recommendation every month, just because I have a deadline to meet.

With Investing Whisperer, I only recommend my highest conviction ideas. You can expect a minimum of six recommendations per year.

 And we’ll hold between 12-15 in our Model Portfolio at any time.

When you sign up for Investing Whisperer, you get immediate access to the Model Portfolio… you can start building positions right away.

In addition to new recommendations, as an Investing Whisperer subscriber, you also get full access to my proprietary Watch List – these are small, junior stocks with the potential for massive capital gains.

The Watch List companies are all the stocks I’m monitoring and considering investing in… but they just need more time to mature because I add them to the Model Portfolio.

When you sign up for Investing Whisperer, you get alerts on all purchases and sales in the Model Portfolio (the same day). You get complete transparency on how much stock I’m buying/selling and at what price.

I also send you alerts on any market-moving news for any of the companies in our Model Portfolio.

I’ve spent months researching The Next Uber – I’ve read every analyst report, I’ve been on multiple conference calls with the CEO and other top management and I’ve analyzed every financial report the company has released.

And I’m confident the company will be a HUGE winner in the Investing Whisperer Model Portfolio.

When you sign up for Investing Whisperer, I’ll send you my report on The Next Uber right away… It’s called The Next Uber: The Backdoor Way to Profit from the Rideshare Revolution

You’ll learn the name of the company, the ticker and exactly why this investment is so compelling. And you’ll be able to buy the stock immediately (and I’d encourage you to do so, before it’s too late).

I’ve also created a report I call The Secrets to The Schaefer Method, which outlines, in detail, the exact steps I take when analyzing a company.

I’ll provide you a essential checklist you can run any of your potential investment through… these are steps I’ve developed after decades in the investment business.

And using The Schaefer Method has helped me invest in 49 triple-digit winners over the years.

So, how do you claim your free year of Investing Whisperer?

First, there’s another investment opportunity I want to tell you about…


The Schaefer Method Uncovered Another Huge Opportunity


This business is in the medical field…

And I haven’t been so excited about an investment since Pacific Ethanol or Resolute Energy (which returned 630% and 500%, respectively).

The business, which I call The Recession Proof Cash Cow, treats a number of skin diseases. And its device got FDA approval in 2000.

It’s effective.  There are no drugs involved. It’s non-invasive.  It’s recurring revenue.  It’s no risk, all reward for the patient and the doctor.

And this business is making a dent in a major, $8 billion industry. An estimated 190 million people worldwide suffer from skin diseases this business can treat.

After a call with the CEO (a brilliant doctor), I’m convinced.

Revenue is growing, the business operates in a huge market and right now, only 3% of dermatologists in the US are prescribing procedures available through this business’ products.

There’s a lot of runway for growth. And I think The Recession Proof Cash Cow  will see its positive cash flow go up 3-4x in the next 12 months–and you know what that means for the stock price!

I want to share one, final explosive investment opportunity with you…


Schaefer Method Opportunity #3 – The Gold Dividend Play of the Decade


I’m very excited about gold today.

The precious metal finally broke out over the all-important $1,350 an ounce (trading around $1,400 today).

And we’ve started to see positive movement in gold stocks.

I think huge gains are on the way.

That’s why I also want to tell you about my favorite gold stock to buy today. I call it The Gold Dividend Play of the Decade.

They’ve paid a dividend through the gold bear market.  They are just opening a new mine–in the USA–that will allow for MASSIVE INCREASES in its dividend–in 2019 and 2020.


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