This Cleantech Trade Could Hand You Up To 10X Your Money By Next Year

It could become my 17th triple-digit gain since 2020

Dear Reader,

You may have seen this story on the HBO docu-series, VICE News.

What you're looking at is 3 of the train's 250 containers – each one filled with New York City waste, sewage sludge and biosolids.

That were abandoned and left to rot, in the small Alabama town of Parrish.

This went on, unbelievably, for more than 2 months.

Locals started calling it the "Poop Train.”

The stench would soon blanket the nearby Little League baseball field, making ballgames all but un-playable.

How could this happen?

Normally the waste would've been treated, and used as fertilizer at a landfill only 20 miles away.

But NYC paid for the 998-mile transport, after all... and paid the landfill company to accept it.

Then an injunction – awarded to a town near the landfill –  prevented the 250 cargo containers from reaching its destination.

This story is just one example of what is happening all over North America.

For starters, it's getting WAY more expensive  to get sludge to landfills.

New York City's Department of Environmental Protection spends between $50 million and $100 million every year to dispose of it.

Much of it goes to southern states like Alabama.  A former elected official described one of the state's biggest landfills as "America's Pay Toilet."


Still, aside from rarities like this HBO segment, biosolids don't make headlines. 

But it's now a big problem, and one that's getting worse. 

So over the next few minutes, I'll show you a viable solution – and an amazing one, at that.

It actually turns Bad Stuff -- the nasty biosolids -- into Good Stuff. 

This solution makes money.  It also saves money – AND doesn't hurt the environment.

It's the story of one Cleantech company that is actually transforming sludge and waste of all kinds...

Into a potentially enormous revenue stream, which includes getting paid two ways:

FIRST, for handling the waste, in a unique and eco-friendly way.

Then AGAIN for the safe by-products they produce.

It's an early-stage company with a process so advanced and so compelling -- I've invested six figures of my own money in it. 

And by the end of this short presentation, I think you'll agree it may be worth your time and money, too.

I'll share everything there is to know
about this company below.
But first, know this:

Its process has multiple patents and partners. 

Competitors are far behind. 

And the stock trades for less than $1.50 a share.

I spend all day looking for these ground-floor investments--with proven technology--that can  have huge runs-- 5X... even 10X your money.  I’ve had it happen to me several times in the last three years.  I think it could happen again here, as early as 2022.

This stock -- and I'm literally one of only two analysts following it right now -- has already had a fast 20% run.

It has since fallen back a bit. 

But I strongly anticipate the next run will be much bigger -- when the Market sees it has legs.

I also predict it will be one the new darlings of the ESG (Environment/Social/Governance) trend...

And even get front-page headlines in every steel and coal trade magazine in 2022.

So if I'm correct in my read-out of this company, it could be one of the best-performing Cleantech stocks of the next 12 months...

And turn into the 17th verified triple-digit win in my investment portfolio, among all my active positions.

(More on that below).

Here's the inside track on my biggest new trade.

At the end of October 2021, I Have Realized Year To Date Gains of $2.18 Million—a 99.3% Gain

The Future of Sewage:
 Elimination of the toxic "forever chemical.”

And the onset of PROFITS.

Unless you've seen the film Dark Waters (Mark Ruffalo), you may know very little about PFAS.

The movie centers on chemical giant DuPont's alleged contamination of the water in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

The culprit: PFAS.

Don't try saying it, but it stands for: perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances.

They're a group of human-made chemicals, used in hundreds of industrial processes and consumer products.

And it's a chemical that's used globally.

Practically anything that's anti-stick or waterproof most likely has PFAS.

Think: Nonstick cookware, like Teflon, and water-resistant clothing, like Gore-Tex...

Fast food containers and candy wrappers...

Microwave popcorn bags and pizza boxes...

Stain-resistant coatings used on carpets and fabrics...

And any number of personal care and cleaning products you see every time you shop at the store.

PFAS are useful because they're resistant to heat, water, and oil.

But here's the rub.

PFAS chemicals don't occur in nature, and they can take a long time to break down...

They build up in human and animal tissues. 

That's why it's called the “forever chemical” – because it persists in the human body and in the environment for decades.

The scientific community says that a full 99% of us have it in our blood already.

And a growing body of research is showing that exposure can include everything from liver damage, thyroid disease, and decreased fertility...

To high cholesterol and obesity... to hormone suppression and cancer.

So we're learning more and more that these PFAS chemicals can easily migrate into the air, dust, food, soil and water.

That is precisely why regulations have been introduced to limit handling and use of PFAS.

In fact, one of the first orders signed by President Biden was related to PFAS.

That's how big a deal this chemical is.

And where is the evidence revealing LOTS OF IT?

You guessed it.

Sewage sludge and biosolids.

Every single day, Americans send about 300 million pounds of feces from the nation’s toilets to wastewater treatment plants. 

The water gets cleaned and discharged, but the remaining sewage sludge stays at the treatment plant.

And these biosolids are expensive to dispose of – because it all has to get landfilled.

So if you're wondering now how many working landfills there are in the U.S...

The answer is: about 2,000.

But they don't want PFAS anymore, either.

It leaches out into the landfills, which then get even more contaminated.

Other times, sewage sludge gets pelletized, and then transported to farms, for use as fertilizers.

Problem is, these fertilizers may still contain potentially harmful PFAS chemicals.

That contamination could end up in drinking water, food, indoor dust, consumer products, and even workplaces.

So it's no surprise that PFAS
have become a top priority
for Erin Brockovich.

Remember her?

She's the environmental activist whose real-life story was the subject of the Oscar-winning film starring Julia Roberts.

Brockovich famously helped secure the settlement – the biggest one ever of its kind, at the time – against Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E).

The case centered on contamination of the water in the California town of Hinkley, caused by a carcinogen called hexavalent chromium.

These days, Brockovich is talking about PFAS – at every turn.

"Renowned environmental activist Erin Brockovich helps mobilize action on Fairfield water contamination"

"Erin Brockovich: California water battle 'woke me up'"

Follow My Lead—I’ve Realized Gains of $3,534,333 since January 2020

"Right now, the largest emerging contaminant in the nation in water is PFOA," Brockovich said in a Business Insider interview.

Brockovich also said this during a BBC interview with writer Leana Hosea...

"We're dealing with a case in Maine right now.  PFAS is in the milk, it's in the beef, it's in the eggs. It's happening in every state and community members are now calling me saying they're sterile."

Maine, you may know, is a farming state.  And biosolids (sludge) is routinely spread on fields – a practice that's widely used across the country.

And one of the state's farms – the Tozier Dairy Farm – had its products removed from shelves in June 2020, for this reason...

Milk samples revealed levels of the chemical at astronomically high levels.

With word spreading about the dangers of PFAS, it's exactly the right time to introduce...

A cleantech breakthrough
that destroys PFAS... and could
generate billions of dollars in new wealth.

In short, my #1 new company's technology gets rid of PFAS, through a process called Pyrolysis.

While Pyrolysis is already a well-established scientific process, the company has taken it Next Level.

It's a big reason why I have six figures invested in this company.

Its Pyrolysis process is unprecedented.

It combines 12 process patents with trade secrets that the founder/CEO developed during his 10 years in the business.

As I said, it turns Baddies into Goodies.

Their proprietary high-temperature process actually converts waste and waste materials into two valuable commodities:

Renewable natural gas (RNG)


Green hydrogen.

The tech is able to heat materials to high temperatures without burning – there's nothing like this.

That's what enables the production of these valuable by-products.

The company has already done successful trials with some of America's largest biosolids processors.

All to prove without a shadow of a doubt that its solution does in fact destroy PFAS components...

And to prove that the bio-carbons left behind can still go into the markets that accept it...

For example, returning nutrients to the soil, while destroying the contaminants.

Remember those 250 train cars of NYC sludge stranded in the Alabama heat for 2 months? 

New York City has a goal of ZERO landfilling of its biosolids by 2030.

It's an ambitious goal, yes.

Now there's a legitimate way to reach it.

And my favorite Cleantech company is already recognized to be one of the key solutions for getting rid of these PFAS contaminants.

Another key point is--that companies that used to burn these materials—can no longer do so.

Going forward, that means they'll have the option to either pay more and more for traditional removals...

Or pay my top Cleantech firm to take care of it all. This way is both cheap and is done in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Truth is, President Joe Biden on Day One created an immense business opportunity for this company.

That's why it's my newest stock pick in my newsletter, Investing Whisperer.

But I've barely scratched the surface so far.

The potential for this company's application is so vast, it's already being used as a "coal substitute" by Big Steel. In fact...

The North American steel industry

is about to get its best
news in a decade.

Most people don't know this, but the global steel industry is fed on dirty coal.

As much as 70% of steel is made using coal today.

It’s an incredibly carbon-intensive process, estimated to be responsible for roughly 5% of global emissions.

That's as much as the entire aviation industry. Shipping, cement and steel are the Big Baddies for most “green” activists.

"The Green Revolution Is Being Built on a Very Dirty Industry"

So here's what's happening.

There's a company in Hamilton, Ontario, that's owned by India steel giant Arcelor Mittal.

I'm talking about one of the biggest steel companies on the planet.

To make it, they have to burn 10,000 tons of coal -- every week.

And just to be clear, 1 ton of coal gives out 3 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

So every week, they’re generating 30,000 tons of greenhouse gases. 

But if they were to instead replace the coal, and burn my company's by-product, its greenhouse gas emissions could drop significantly...

Even all the way down to ZERO.

They do it by using their pyrolysis-style burning process. 

It takes “dirty wood” — chopped up wood pallets and old creosote-filled railroad ties — as the new fuel.

So my #1 company is getting rid of coal AND getting rid of waste wood – a double win!

That's why -- at this moment -- this tiny Cleantech company is at the table with the Canadian Carbonization Research Association.

They're also in talks with the forestry industry about how they can burn their waste and fuel their industry.

And the giant Indian steel corporation I just mentioned...

They're in the middle of a big project with my company -- which could mean as much as $15 million in annual revenue, just from this single steel mill.

Obviously, any scaling would be huge news for the stock.

Why I'm expecting this company
 to deliver my 17th triple-digit gain.

What's so uniquely powerful about this company bears repeating:

Its technology heats “bad” materials to the point that it doesn't burn.

And that allows it to produce two valuable by-products:

An environmentally friendly product – used to filter renewable natural gas, and in soil to assist with fertilizer and moisture retainment.

And a carbon-neutral product made from “dirty wood” waste – used as a replacement for coal in the steel-making industry (just for starters).

That's why the company has 12 process patents. 

They're able to offset 1 ton of coal... with 1 ton of its by-product.

Which means each and every ton used in this process – reduces 3 tons of greenhouse gas emissions!

That is the very point of this company.

It sums up why it's my #1 new stock pick.

And how's this for timing...

They now have their first order for its coal product, and it's with one of China's biggest steel companies.

In other words, this huge Early Adopter is now engaging my tiny company – to replace all the environmentally harmful coal that's used to produce their steel.

These are exciting times for my favorite Cleantech company.

Not only are they undergoing a major upgrade to their operations that will soon have them producing roughly 20,000 GJ per year of renewable natural gas (“RNG”)...

They've also just announced they have entered into an agreement -- a major partnership -- with one of the world's biggest cleantech companies.

Its joint goal: to develop up to 1,000,000 kilograms of green hydrogen annually, at their California facility.

My Detailed Research Has Generated More Than $2.18 Million in Gains So Far in 2021

Here's why I've invested $100,000
of my money in this company.

Look, the cleantech sector has been red hot since Biden took office.

Some of my biggest, most successful trades in 2020 came from this sector.

And this space is still seeing a lot of capital pouring into it. 

(Blurt out a couple of buzzwords – hydrogen and RNG – at an investor conference, and you're likely to get a ton of attention in today's junior capital markets!)

So, had you been one of my subscribers in 2020, you would've seen a number of portfolio stocks  double, triple -- even quadruple.

Vicinity Motors is a great example.

It's an EV bus manufacturer listed on both the NASDAQ and in Canada..

I bought it in late 2020 when no one else was watching.

In February, the company announced a huge order from their U.S distributor – 92 buses for $40 million!

The big order was for their  flagship product, which is also called the Vicinity.

This is a mid-size bus that fits the needs of most city routes but does so at 2/3 the cost and using 1/3 less fuel.

I later sold a partial position at $4.04 a share, for a gain of 662%.

And it took only four months to ring the register.

Another major win for us in the Cleantech space was Greenlane Renewables.

We were able to make 4 TIMES our money -- a legitimate 4-bagger -- in only a few months.

I continue to see this renewables area as the place to put my capital, and among the very best ways my subscribers can enjoy these kinds of returns.

Over 80% of my research is spent in the renewables space at the moment.

Nano One is another great example.

This one took a hot minute.

I bought  the EV technology company at $1.15 a share.

Right after news broke in June 2020 -- in which the company reported it had developed a technology that would allow an EV battery to last about 400% longer...and use NO cobalt (which usually comes from mines in Congo that use child labor).

Nano One became my ninth trade in 2020 with 100% gains or higher.

I sold a partial position at $6.01 a share.

And that gave my readers and me a 422% profit.

If all they did was put down $1,000, they would have come out the other end with a $4,220 payout.

And I have to tell you, I've been enjoying these kinds of gains again and again.

In fact, at the same time, another market was heating up – and I took full advantage.

Lithium: Still one of the hottest markets.

Here's how we've been trading it.

Lithium stocks had a great run from October 2020 to February of 2021, on the back of a surging EV market.

The sector would cool off... even as lithium prices kept moving up.

But then the lithium juniors started taking off again recently.

The key to trading this market is knowing that it's all about real, underlying fundamentals.

Demand for lithium is soaring. Supply is scarce.

And that's been great news for my lithium stocks, especially a company called Neo Lithium (NLC-TSX).

On August 13th, I sold just some my shares at $4.49, for a 301% gain.

On that same day, I sold my position in Standard Lithium (SLI) at $9.90 a share.

That handed my readers and me a gain of 482%.

In hindsight, the lithium market has truly been an exception to the rule -- because just about every junior stock in the energy space and beyond has lagged this year. 

No so with lithium.

I had a BIG position in Neo Lithium, and I kept the last 20% of my stock hoping for A Big Buyout.  This company had a special asset—high grade, low impurities, with a management team that owned a lot of stock.  I knew they would monetize it for A Big Score.

I didn’t have to wait long.  On October 8, they were bought out by Zijin Mining for $960 million – or $6.50 per share—ALL CASH.

Exactly one year earlier, in October 2020, I was buying that stock as low as 87 cents—a 7-bagger in one year.

In fact, with both lithium and Tesla stock back on the move...

All the EV stocks -- like my Nano One and Grande West (now Vicinity) recommendations -- should continue to perform.

This is a wonderfully crazy market, so it’s important to keep taking profits along the way

How I'm helping small investors
make big money...

Look, I’m no gambler.

I do the Hard Work of finding the best growth stories – that can bring me the fastest returns.

Most of the time, they're under-the-radar, small-cap stocks.

Other times, they're stocks right out in the open... begging to be bought.

Overstock, the online retailer, is a great example – a company everyone knows.

I bought the stock at $13.50 in April  2020.

It had fallen from $90/share in 2017 down to $2.50 97.3%--because of past management, and a fear that it would always be a poor sister to much larger Wayfair etc.

No one was happier than my own subscribers who took me up on this trade.

In August, I sold at $91.75.

That's a stunning 581% gain...

Enough to turn every $5,000 invested into $29,050.

I hope every one of my readers acted on this trade...

This one recommendation alone could've made their entire year!

In fact, at today's writing, I have 16 verified triple-digit wins in the portfolio.

These are active positions.

But I'm going to be candid here.

I'm NOT saying that new subscribers necessarily buy these positions.

That's one of the big ways I'm different from the vast majority of investment newsletter writers out there.

I'm not going to put you in a position of going after Old Money.

Simply read my alerts, and you'll understand exactly what I'm saying.

That's because I tell you what I'm doing with my portfolio – it's my Personal Portfolio.

In other words, you'll know where the Old Money's been made, and where the New Money is about to be made.

Follow my lead – but make your own decisions. 

Now let's have a quick look at the Open Recommendation GAINS in the Investing Whisperer portfolio:

646%...  1,800% (Not a typo - that's Eighteen Hundred Percent)... 1,005%... 180%... 194%... 263%... 110%... 424%... 271%... 139%... 606%... 152%... 157%... 124%... and, finally, 168%.

That's 15 gains of 100% or higher. 

In a moment, I'll show you how to get access to my #1 Cleantech trade – in what could be my 17th triple...

And get it risk-free.  Meantime, here's...

If You Want These Gains for YOUR Portfolio—JOIN ME NOW!!

My track record since January 2020

Now I wouldn't expect you or any other investor to give my service a try, without seeing my track record.

From the start of 2020 through today, I've closed 33 positions in the portfolio.

25 of them were wins.

That's a success rate better than 75%, since the beginning of 2020.

And of those 25 wins...

A full 18 of them were gains of more than 100%.

Just imagine for a second what following my research could've done for your portfolio this whole time.

As you may have noticed, I'll often sell partial positions in the stock I'm trading.

Typically 50%, or 25% blocks.

I bought a large position in a tiny real estate tech company called Voxtur, with a compelling appraisal software.

Management had previously started two other plays in the same industry – and each of those stocks went on to be 10-baggers.

I still own shares in the company -- but I'd be a fool not to take profits off the table when I've got a big haul...

So in late 2020, I sold shares in 5 increments,  and captured gains of 526%... 800%... 353%... 560%... and 533%

Then in July 20201, I bought shares in Copper Mountain at $2.01 a share.

Copper Mountain is a copper and gold producer in British Columbia, and as commodity prices began moving up sharply across the board—so did its share price.

In under 6 weeks, I sold half my position at $4.39 a share, and then later the other half, at $3.49 a share.

The result:

118% gain, followed by a 73% gain.

All in under 6 weeks.

At the same time, I traded Emerita Resource Corp, buying in at just 38 cents a share.

Emerita is an advanced stage, high-grade, copper/zinc play in south-west Spain, only a few miles from Portugal.

Canadian billionaire and gold bull Eric Sprott had just done a $3 million financing.

The stock quickly traded up to 91 cents a share.

So I advised my readers sell half their position, and lock in their gain of 139%.

That allows us to lock in profits, and Play the Rest on House Money. 

The stock would retrace back to 76 cents, so I sold to lock in gains.

So that gives you a flavor of how I run my Investing Whisperer portfolio.

Keith Schaefer

Publisher, Investing Whisperer

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