STAKING Stocks Are The Next Big Run(and I’ll Tell You The Company That’s Leading The Pack)

Crypto-stocks are having A Big Run—again. Many of those stocks are again Bitcoin miners. But I see crypto-mining as a sunset industry—it uses too much electricity, and even Elon Musk labelled Bitcoin the equivalent of a climate hazard. (Cambridge University did a study suggesting crypto mining used more electricity than 160 different countries!)

Crypto developers and users have already found the CLEAN and GREEN solution to mining—and investors are just starting to catch on.

It’s called STAKING, and uses 99% less electricity than Bitcoin. Staking doesn’t use big mathematical problems mint new coins. It doesn’t need all that computing power. 

The #2 crypto network in the world is ETHEREUM, and it is completely transitioning to staking. Ethereum will quickly be CLEAN and GREEN—and attract a massive amount of capital. Bitcoin still uses mining.

With a bit of work, you can actually stake Ethereum on your laptop—making it more accessible and really, safer as it is much more de-centralized. To me, it’s win-win-win.

I think that’s one of the big two reasons that ETHEREUM is outperforming Bitcoin:

There’s another reason I see ETHEREUM as the place to be. Almost ALL the blockchain development being done now—and I’ll show you below how fast blockchain use is exploding in the finance industry—is being done on ETHEREUM.

As you can see, the price of ETHEREUM is rocketing up even faster than Bitcoin now—that means the leverage for investors is a lot more in Ethereum stakers than Bitcoin miners.

And we all know how incredibly well Bitcoin miners have done this year:

Many are now over $1 billion market cap. These stocks have made millionaires out of regular retail investors like you and me. Several went up more than 10x in weeks!

Now I want to position myself for The Next Big Run—and I think that is the STAKING STOCKS. 

One of the most successful bitcoin mining CEO’s saw this coming. After making millions for his shareholders—his stock went from 50 cents to $16 , he has just started a new public staking company—which still trades well under $1.

I’m going to tell you all about him and his new staking stock TOMORROW. He has raised tens of millions of dollars, and has been generating staking revenue for months now. Ethereum prices are going up as it moves to staking AND his revenue is growing at an accelerating rate. Real revenue! This is SO MUCH BETTER than mining.

No other public competitors are even organized enough to get started.

The entire $389 billion and rapidly growing Ethereum market is already converting from mining to staking.

Staking is greener than mining. I just showed you it has more leverage being part of Ethereum, which is rising faster than Bitcoin. But staking actually has a better business model than mining. 

Once you “mint” a new Ethereum coin, you can earn interest on it just by agreeing to hold it in Ethereum and not sell it. The Ethereum network “rewards” you by paying/sharing with you a small chunk of all the blockchain fees that Ethereum generates. So you can make 5-10% per annum OR MORE SOMETIMES.

This is helping Ethereum attract huge amounts of institutional capital now.

Here’s my last point before I tell you the name and symbol of my #1 staking company:

Public blockchain use is growing INCREDIBLY FAST. Thousands of software developers are using Blockchains to create financial “apps” that no longer need banks to be the “trusted intermediary”. The encryption in blockchains is incredibly detailed and de-centralized, and is showing the world they are safe and secure.

How fast is blockchain e-commerce growing? It’s up more than 10-fold in under two years, from US$10 billion to over US$110 billion:

Everyone, including the banks, are seeing blockchains pick up market share faster and faster, as DeFi—Decentalized Finance—gets adopted (especially in developing countries). DeFi is where small groups of people can get together and become small banks using cryptocurrencies SAFELY and SECURELY for e-commerce without having to use a bank as intermediary.

But don’t just take my word for it. The Big Banks see blockchain commerce soaring too—and are rushing to join the blockchain party.

Goldman Sachs (GS-NYSE; $420)—the world’s most famous brokerage firm—has initiated coverage on blockchain. They see so much potential they are calling for the network underlying almost all blockchains now—Ethereum—to be worth more than Bitcoin. (Ethereum units are now just 9% the value of Bitcoin.)

JP Morgan (JPM-NYSE: $155) is very bullish on DeFi, blockchain, and coins/tokens. They have their own token, called the JP Morgan coin, which they use to move funds. They also came out with a very bullish report on blockchain this summer, calling for over US$40 billion in transaction fees by 2025.

This growth curve in lucrative blockchain fees is already happening.

Every MONTH the Ethereum network is now generating $1.5 billion dollars in transaction fees. That’s US$18 billion a year and growing quickly. JP Morgan says it’s going to $40 billion annually in four years. 

And if all that isn’t enough…a coming huge catalyst is an updated version of Ethereum—ETH 2.0—that will happen in early 2022 and increase transaction speed by potentially 100x. That could leapfrog staking revenue exponentially!

One company is months ahead of the competition in getting a big piece of this unclaimed revenue.




For the next three years investors want to be long STAKING companies. Ethereum is a US$389 billion market cap network that’s rapidly rising—because it’s CLEAN, GREEN and USEFUL—with hundreds of blockchain apps being created. 

There are two big trends here, and think both are unstoppable:

I think all of crypto MUST eventually move to staking to reduce its climate footprint.

And the huge growth in DeFi transaction fees—already in the tens of billions–will underpin the growth of Ethereum and staking fees.

(If Bitcoin ever changes to STAKING, well, I can’t even imagine the gains there for staking stocks.)

Bitcoin miners have had incredible runs—many were 10-baggers within weeks, early in 2021 as Bitcoin prices rallied. The same COULD happen for staking companies.

My #1 staking company is run by a CEO who took his last company from 50 cents to $16 on an eerily similar setup. It trades at nearly $1 billion market cap.

He thinks this opportunity is bigger. This stock’s market cap is under $40 million.

Be ready for my email tomorrow!