The Revitalist Lifestyle and Wellness (CALM-CSE) revenue snowball is officially moving up and to the right–and gaining momentum.

Revitalist’s recent update revealed that revenue for the first 10 months of 2021 has increased by 100%——with increases coming month, after month, after month.

There is clearly a lot of demand for Revitalist’s ketamine-infusion treatments. They started off the year with just ONE clinic, and will finish the year with EIGHT (and most of those in the last quarter of 2021). With a recent $3 million cash infusion, management has set the stage for growth right through to the end of next year and beyond.

That is why revenue is up 100% year on year……not rocket science, just simple math.

Doubling revenue is exciting, but just look at what is coming down the pipeline——the number of clinics that Revitalist has is more than doubling next year. The total number of clinics over the next few years–shown in the chart below–suggests borderline parabolic growth.

Revitalist is now funded, revenue is ramping and they’re hoping to increase the number of clinics next year by 500%.

Plus, the sector itself is gaining more of a following. Mainstream society is appreciating and adopting psychedelics as an option for mental health treatment–because it works!

The New York Times earlier rang the bell with a story saying that “The Psychedelic Revolution Is Coming. Psychiatry May Never Been The Same”. I believe they are correct and demand from the public is surging.

Revitalist is the most aggressive player in this space and the economics of new clinics is perfect for growth——each clinics requires almost no up-front capital investment ($80,000 on leasehold renovations) and they are cash flowing quickly.

Every clinic can generate US$3 million in revenue and produce US$1 million per year in EBITDA. 

Qualified medical staff….CRNAs…are literally banging on the door to get into the quiet relaxed work environment that Revitalist offers, and out of their war zone like current jobs in overcrowded, understaffed, pressure cooker hospitals. These are dream jobs for CRNAs.


The Metaverse Allow Therapy ANYWHERE



If you add monthly revenue up 100% already, with a 500% expected increase in the number of clinics, you get a big growth story that is simple and needs nothing else for investors.

But there is more. Each clinic can obviously only serve a certain area–their city or county maybe. But what about clinics that could serve an entire country?

That’s now part of the Revitalist plan. They’ll do that through the METAVERSE. This will serve the most vulnerable. What if you live in a small town and don’t want to be seen walking into a therapy clinic?

You can get a full treatment with Virtual Reality in The Metaverse. I am now starting to appreciate just how huge the Metaverse is going to be for mental health across the globe. 

A high percentage of people through the agony of mental health issues DO NOT GET HELP.

The World Health Organization reviewed rates of psychiatric treatment usage across 37 research studies. The findings are unbelievable. Those 37 studies had conclusions that showed that from 30 up to 80 percent of people with mental health concerns NEVER receive treatment.

Those numbers heartbreaking——and so is the #1 reason that is always listed for why people don’t get the help they need: it is fear and shame.

People recognize the negative stigma and discrimination that can come with having a mental illness and don’t want to be labeled “mentally ill” or “crazy.” They may also have concerns about how such a label could negatively impact their career, education, or other life goals.

Fear and shame keep them from physically going to the clinics that they need to go to in order to get help.

The Metaverse is going to change that. And Revitalist is going to be on the cutting edge again here.

Revitalist is working with Metachain Technologies to develop virtual mental health clinics in the Metaverse with real time patients and mental health professionals.

Virtual reality meetings through the Metaverse are a perfect solution for people who aren’t willing to go in person to a clinic to get the help they need. And for the people who can’t access one.

By meeting with a Revitalist therapist in the Metaverse, a patient still gets the experience and benefit of an in-person psychotherapy session——but now it can be done with anonymity, convenience and reach everyone, everywhere.

There is already scientific backing to this——a peer-reviewed study by Oxford University concluded that patients who used automated VR therapy experienced a 38% decrease in anxiety and avoidant symptoms over a six-week period.

In 2022 Metachain will develop for Revitalist a virtual clinic to be called Revitaland, where patients will be able attend virtual mental health sessions with Revitialist’s mental health professionals in real time.

To support this there will also be a cryptocurrency token that can be used for payment for mental health services at Revitaland, as well as non-fungible tokens NFTs that will act as a rewards program for the completion of a set number of mental health sessions.

Revitaland will not replace the company’s underlying rapid growth platform of rolling out ketamine infusion clinics across the country……. but will compliment it with regards to initial intake with a mental health provider and ongoing follow up sessions.

Unquestionably this is an exciting time for mental health across the world. 

After decades of being stymied by governments the life changing benefits of psychedelics are finally being made available to millions of people. Now the Metaverse opens another door for the 30 to 80 percent of sufferers who have not been getting help.

With Revitaland Revitalist is now on the leading edge of both.




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