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Dear Reader,

Hi, I’m Keith Schaefer.  Over the last 10 years, I have increased my net worth by 900%. 

I’ve smashed the returns of the American stock market, the Indian stock market and every other stock market on the planet.

How have I done it?

By identifying trends in the stock market early…. And then finding the best stocks in the world to profit from those trends playing out.

Right now—in early 2020--there is a massive new trend in global financial markets that will last for some time.

It is going to impact India in a major way.

You can profit from this trend.  Not just nice returns, but life changing returns.

The key is to act now……..before the rest of the world catches on to this mega-trend opportunity.

I have already positioned myself to profit from this trend, and today I’ll share my strategy with you.

This will not only save you from losing money in the market—which many people will as this mega-trend plays out….

But will also set you up to grow your savings and income like you have never imagined.

If you position yourself properly to ride this mega-trend now, you can make a killing in the financial markets as this trend plays out while most other investors suffer.

The Bull Market Has Ended – But Opportunity Has Arrived

A new trend has come into place in global financial markets. 

After years of risk-free prosperity, abundance and growth, stock markets around the world are having severe pullbacks. 

Most commodity prices are plunging. Growth, and spending, is slowing.  Everyone is starting to hoard cash.  Money flow will grind down.

That all sounds like bad news, but I’ve been preparing for this in my portfolio for 18 months.  With the 18 months of hard work I’ve been doing I know exactly how to profit from what is going on…..and I’m going to share that information with you.

I could see the data that said the US economy peaked way back in late 2018—but the stock markets kept rising anyway. 

As the markets got more and more dangerous through 2019, I was selling my portfolio down, raising cash and getting ready…ready for TODAY.

If I had tried to tell you this story six months ago, you would not have listened.  The stock market was going up every day! In India it was too!

It took three huge global factors to create the economic shock in March 2020—and start this scary new mega-trend that I am already positioned for.

A trend that poses an immediate threat to not only your savings…

But also to your retirement plan…your bank account…the value of your home….and virtually all of your day-to-day financial transactions. 

Simply put, your life is on the verge of changing in a dramatic and powerful way—whether you are living in India or North America.

What is coming at us is scary, but it also offers massive opportunity.

I saw this trend coming, and over the last year I have developed the best strategy for investors to not only preserve their wealth, but also see their net worth and income soar. 

I’ve got a strategy that is already paying me big dividends—literally.

I’ve made these dividends add up for me over the years.  That is how I’ve increased my net worth nine times over – 900% over the past decade as a full time investor. 

My strategy has resulted in me buying stocks that have regularly gone up 200, 300 and 400% in a short time periods.

Recently I’ve done that with stocks like…..

Digital Turbine (APPS-NASD) at $4 in June 2019—it doubled by year end.

K92 Mining (KNT-TSXv) in June 2019 at $1.50 – it went to $4 in just 9 months

GeoPark Ltd. (GPRK-NYSE) in 2018 $10 and then it doubled to $20 in 4 months

Viper Energy (VNOM-NASD) in June 2017 at $15.50, which then tripled in a year to $45 in one of the worst energy tapes in history

Resolute Energy (REN-NYSE) in June 2016 at $7—which rocketed to $48—a 6-bagger—in just 7 months!

My trading strategy is tried and true. 

It is repeatable………and perfect for the current market conditions.

I look for fast-rising cash flow in companies with a small number of shares outstanding.  These small companies have powerful stock price moves in short periods of time.

Doubles, triples, and more.

This strategy has not only made me wealthy, but hundreds of my subscribers as well.  

These huge winners come along every few months.  Finding them isn’t easy……but it is worth it.

It’s a lot of work, but I love helping people make money.  And right now, I see some huge capital gains ahead—that we can realize in a short time period.

My strategy and this mega-trend are the perfect combination for creating wealth.

Only The Prepared Investors Will Profit

A huge opportunity has developed for investors to profit.

It all stems from this new mega-trend I see developing. 

Today I’m going to explain to you exactly how to position yourself to make a lot of money…….QUICKLY.

This trend is happening in India as well.

I’m telling you--brace yourself.

We are going to profit from this mega-trend, but many people are going to suffer.

As this global trend continues, it will wipe out not just billions but trillions in market cap for investors who have been following the herd.

Investors who are NOT PREPARED…..

For those investors who ARE prepared--this trend will do the opposite……it is will allow them to create wealth.

Massive wealth….

This mega-trend is a huge tailwind for the one stock I am yelling at my subscribers to own.  A stock that I’m going to give you the name and symbol of today, risk-free.

Easy money, big money is there for the owners of this stock.

I have no doubt that as I quickly explain this, you’ll agree with me—this is the ONE stock to own. 

This isn’t a sector call—I found a small company that is at the right stage of its growth cycle. 

Even if I’m wrong on every count about this financial trend (and I’m not), I see the stock heading higher. 

In that sense it truly is a unique investment. 

You see I follow the same investing philosophy that the great Indian investors like Monish Pabrai and Prem Watsa utilize….

Like Pabrai and Watsa I look for asymmetric opportunities.

That means that I look only for investments with little downside risk, but massive upside. 

If I’m wrong I lose little, if I’m right I win big……..that is an asymmetric opportunity.

The stock that I have identified is listed in the USA.  Its growth engine is in the USA.  And it is benefitting from every single trend I’ll outline to you in the next 15-20 minutes.

I’ll explain this stock in full detail in a moment, but I want you to understand this company will see fast rising revenue and cash flow in each of the next four quarters. 

Revenue is going straight up and it is happening now.

This company just doubled its dividend in 2019.  And I expect them to do that again—in the coming 12-18 months. 

Think about that…….doubling of the dividend again in the next 12 to 18 months, what a CATALYST for the share price.

Dividends are cash that you can put in your pocket. 

Rising dividends are what drives stock prices higher.

This stock — this company, is poised to benefit from the financial trend that I have identified.

But millions of innocent households will be blindsided by this global financial threat that is now unfolding.

The Mega-Trend Is……..

 The mega-trend that I’m talking about is DEFLATION. 

Deflation is going to wreak havoc on the portfolios of the unprepared in the the coming decade.

For those of us who are properly positioned……..deflation will create life changing wealth.

Western governments have actually been fighting deflation since the 2008 stock market crash with lower and lower interest rates.

The Western governments keep lowering interest rates to keep people spending as much money as possible.

But……what these Western Governments have been doing isn’t working. 

Spending is still anemic and interest rates still dropping.

In fact interest rates aren’t just low……in many places interest rates are NEGATIVE!!!

You hear me right. 

I said negative interest rates. 

If you are someone interested in saving money and growing your wealth--negative interest rates should strike fear in your heart.

A negative interest rate means that the bank doesn’t pay your for depositing your cash…….the bank charges you interest for having your money!!

That means you are guaranteed to lose money if you put it into a bank account.

It is crazy but true.  And it is happening across the world right now.

At first, deflation doesn’t sound that bad.  Everything will be cheaper next year, right? Isn’t that good?

No it most definitely is not

Central banks are rightly doing any- and every-thing to keep money flow going—

…ANYTHING to stave off deflation.  When everybody keeps their hands in their pockets, and there’s no money flow—prices decline. 

Business slows.  People get laid off from their jobs.  People save more and spend less. And that starts a death-spiral of poverty for tens if not hundreds of millions of people. 

This could be you--unless you are prepared.  And it’s surprisingly easy to be prepared for this coming day.  You just need to act.

I’ve been preparing for this for over a year, and I’ll explain how I’ve done it to you clearly.

Where Can We Profit From This Mega-Trend?

In this deflationary environment hard assets will do very well—especially those that pay some kind of yield, or dividend.

Even assets that produce small yields should do well in an incredibly low interest rate world.

Here is why…….when you’re being charged interest to keep money at the bank, you will go find A STOCK that pays a yield.

Many investors simply don’t want to hear about interest rates or central bank policy in general.  

It’s not really an exciting topic to talk about at cocktail parties.

But here’s the thing:

Negative interest rates have a significant – and immediate – impact on your financial well-being.


More than Just Poor Return on Savings:
Thousands of Pension Plans Could Be Wiped Out

Think about it – your savings—your money in the bank—has stopped growing.

The chart below shows how the interest rates that banks pay you have dropped to almost nothing……a pittance.

And they are going lower still.  They are going negative.

30 years ago, depositors could earn a return of over 9.5% just for stashing their savings in the bank.

As recently as 20 years ago, that number was well over 6%.

But now the REAL interest rate in the United States has dipped below 1%.

The same thing is going to happen in India — Central Banks around the world have to follow each other.

You will be impacted by this drop in the value of your savings.

The problem is…the drop we’ve seen so far is NOTHING compared to the impact that negative interest rates are about to have first in the western world, then in India.

Negative interest rates pose a serious threat to not just the return you get on your savings account…

But the impact of sustained negative rates could destroy pension plans…wiping out the retirement plans for thousands of unsuspecting investors before they ever realize what hit them.

NOW is the time to take action to protect your wealth ahead of this unavoidable nightmare scenario.

Not only that – the simple step I’m recommending you take to protect yourself today could actually help you double your money in the midst of this chaos.

I’ll tell you more about how you can take this step – and it really is incredibly simple – in just a moment.

For now, I need to tell you how we got here – and how this urgent financial scenario is now unfolding…


Governments all over the globe are terrified at the prospect of deflation – and they’ll do anything in their power to keep it at bay for as long as they can.

But the reality’s already too late.

Thanks to 3 Fatal Deflation Movements, we are now spiraling toward a certain deflationary that will push governments all over the globe – including the U.S., and eventually India– to make widespread negative interest rates a reality.

Fatal Deflation Movement #1: Globalization

Yes, globalization has taken a hit with the onset of trade wars and rekindling of nationalism.  Yet it still is a driving force that keeps down labor costs. 

Trade wars aside, capital will still go where labor is the cheapest.  If it doesn’t go to China, it will go to Vietnam, to Indonesia, to Africa. 

The barriers to move production may be shifting, but they are not constrained.

With the movement of capital and the suppression of wages comes low inflation, in some cases even deflation.  The price of goods gets cheaper.

Deflationary forces rise.

Fatal Deflation Movement #2: Technology

Think about it: how many things do you use every day that either cost less than what they replaced or make your life far more efficient?

Your iPhone is a camera, an appointment scheduler, a phone, an encyclopedia, a television, a computer, a flashlight, a music player……and more. 

Instead of buying 10 different products, your iPhone allows you to buy one.  That is deflationary.

You want to purchase a new sofa?  Spend 20 minutes on the internet and you can compare pricing on a dozen different options.  Costs come down across the board —— more deflationary pressure.

The “gig” economy that is taking over the world is HUGELY DEFLATIONARY.  A gig is a temporary job.  Example--Young people don’t buy cars now, they use UBER. 

The impact on the auto industry alone—one of the world’s biggest industries—is incredible. 

All the home delivery services mean much fewer cars. 

There’s also home automation, and streaming services and hundreds of “apps”—quick software programs on your phone—that create a tremendous amount of cost savings...and that means deflation.

Technology is creating deflationary pressure everywhere you look.

Fatal Deflation Movement #3: Demographics

Finally, the world’s western population is getting much older.  As people age they just simply don’t buy as much.

That loss of demand for consumer goods will even impact India.

In Japan — the first country to have a much older workforce (and negative rates), there are now 2 working age persons for every citizen over age 65. 

By 2050 there will only be 1.3 workers.  That means far fewer consumers and a major deflationary pressure.

The rest of the developed world isn’t far behind.  According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the number of people over age 65 will jump from 56 million to 98 million by 2060.

Those demographics will mean big changes in purchasing patterns as well as to investments.

As you get older, you naturally save more and spend less.   You already own a car.  Already own a house and all the appliances and nick-knacks that come with it.

You also look for safe investments.  Bonds over stocks.

So understand, deflation has been stalking us for over a decade now already.

Only now is the impact of it truly accelerating…..


On top of the long-term macro forces that have been creating deflation…..

There have been 3 unexpected major events that have transpired in 2020 that now guarantee that deflation will be the next major financial trend.

Here they are…..

  • US economy overheating and rolling over
  • Coronavirus
  • Oil Prices Collapse

I told you I have been preparing for this new trend to take hold for over a year. 

My first clue was in late 2018, when I saw that the US economy was overheating. 

There is a small government body in the US that nobody pays attention to

called the Congressional Budget Office, or CBO.  You never hear about them in the media, they are never quoted in the newspapers.

But they issue some important US federal data, and one of them is a little-known statistic called The Output Gap. 

I won’t bore you with details, but the CBO data was showing in late 2018 that the US economy was OVERHEATING for the first time since 2007.

And we all know what happened after 2007--2008.  CRASH!

And I was seeing other signs. 

Unemployment was dropping to record lows, wages were starting to soar—all the while durable goods orders were declining, as was the all-important PMI—Purchasing Managers Index.

Those are all boring numbers, but truly they are gold to investors like me watching for the next Big Trend.

It was clear as a bell to me that a regular recession was coming…and that interest rates would be dropping again…..and from a low starting point this time they would be dropping into uncharted territory.

This Bloomberg chart shows how US bonds are all now below 1% yield—negative interest rates are coming soon!

To save the US economy, US interest rates MUST go negative—as they have throughout Europe.

The next deflationary event of 2020 came out of the blue; no one expected this:  I’m talking about the coronavirus epidemic that is happening around the world.

Now, I have some good news and bad news about this.  First the good news—actually there is two pieces of good news.  One is that every bit of new data tells me this virus will not be much more deadly than the regular flu to most people. 

The second bit of good news is that companies in North America and China already have working vaccines, they just have to produce them in mass quantities.

But the bad news is that the fear around coronavirus is incredible.  This is the first new global flu virus with social media attached to it. 

And the loud screaming about coronavirus will keep people at home much more.  They are going to spend less—perhaps a lot less.  And this will last for a whole year.

People will slow down their spending dramatically until an entire flu season—winter in the northern hemisphere—comes and goes without any huge impact.

Deflation was already here — the coronavirus was like throwing fuel onto the bonfire.

Some of the recent economic data points have been deeply concerning.

China’s economy (the second largest in the world) has ground to a complete halt.

The China’s Purchasing Managing Index — the most important gauge of the Chinese economy — fell to its lowest level on record for the month of February

Let me repeat……

I said the lowest level in history.

That isn’t just bad —— it is off the charts bad.

It is important to remember that China is the most important cog in the global supply chain.  And now their Producer Price Index has gone negative:

When China sneezes, the entire world catches a cold.

And it isn’t just a knock-on effect from China’s economy screeching to a halt that is impacting the rest of the world.

Economic activity everywhere is being impacted by the Coronavirus.

Events that were scheduled to take place in countries across the globe are being cancelled left and right.

In the United States, Europe, Japan……..EVERYWHERE.

Economic activity is grinding to a halt and corporate profits globally are experiencing an unprecedented shock.

Goldman Sachs quantified the massive risk to the American economy in a recent note to their high net worth and institutional clients.

Goldman noted that up to 30% of the U.S. economy is tied to services and consumption that could be curtailed in a full Coronavirus outbreak.

The results of that would be catastrophic for the American economy.

Millions of people would be out of work in the leisure and hospitality industry.

Thousands of businesses that live off of operating cash flow would be pushed into bankruptcy.

We know that this can happen……because in China it has already happened!!

The Chinese Association of Small and Medium Enterprises just completed a survey that found millions of businesses are within a month of bankruptcy.

Scary……and deflationary!

Finally the last deflationary trigger event of 2020 happened at the same time as the peak coronavirus fears—the oil price collapse.

When the Saudis declared a price war on Russia and sent crude down 30% in a single day, it sent shockwaves through world markets and helped cause a global stock market collapse.

The Saudis weren’t the only reason—as I said, the US economy was already slowing down.

In total the price of oil is down 50% since the start of 2020……from over $60 to barely $30.

Deflation, deflation, deflation.  It is everywhere you look and the Central Banks around the world have only one possible course of action.


The US Federal Reserve sees what is happening to the global economy in real time…..and their response is to act in a major way NOW.

With any significant continued spread, the Coronavirus is going to flatten the American economy.

The Fed’s action was to put into effect—a completely unscheduled emergency interest rate cut.

An emergency rate cut was unexpected, but the size of the rate cut was even more stunning…..a full 0.50% in one fell swoop.

An emergency cut of this size is something that virtually never happens. 

When it does it tells us that the panic button has been pressed within the Federal Reserve!

For perspective consider…..

The last time the Federal Reserve made an emergency rate cut was on October 8, 2008.

This was the very peak of the 2008 FINANCIAL CRISIS.

Lehman Brothers had collapsed and the entire global financial system was on the verge of complete meltdown.

We were literally on the verge of seeing the global economy plunging into a 1930s style depression.

In 2008 staring that kind of an economic doomsday scenario in the face the Fed cut by 0.50%....

That means that the economic data that the Fed is staring at today tells us that we are once again looking at a frightening global economic slowdown.

This current emergency rate cut by the Federal Reserve is a major event.

Even bigger……I GUARANTEE that this 0.50% rate cut is just the first move.

Next comes more Central Bank action to stimulate the economy…

We will be seeing more rate cuts, more easy money policy, more money printing.

In other words —— the Fed (and every other Central Bank) will be SUPERCHARGING what was already an incredibly bullish macro environment for GOLD……

To see what is coming next all that we have to do is look back to 2008 when the Federal Reserve took similar action.

The chart below shows it clearly.  Interest rates are going down, down and down some more.

In 2008 the 0.50% emergency rate cut was followed by continued cutting as the Federal Reserve desperately fought to rescue the global economy.

Following that emergency 0.50% 2008 rate cut the Federal Reserve continued with cut, after cut, after cut.

In doing so the Fed primed the pump for the mother of all rallies in gold.

Going into the financial crisis gold traded for less than $600 per ounce.

By the time the Federal Reserve was done cutting rates the price of gold had tripled to more than $1,800 per ounce…

Everything going on in the financial world today is almost the very same—and has set gold up for an incredible rally.

The Federal Reserve cutting rates so aggressively is incredibly bullish for gold.

Fear in the stock market is incredibly bullish for gold.

The hyperbole around the Coronavirus is incredibly bullish for gold.

We know what the price of gold is about to do.

We have seen this move before.

The dramatic cutting of interest rates by the Federal Reserve was the TABLE POUNDING buying signal for gold investors.

While this is a frightening time in the financial markets it is an EXCITING TIME to be getting exposure to GOLD….

But look, don’t take my word for it.  When it comes to gold, we have a view into the ultimate insider trade—what are the central banks doing?



Buy when everyone else is selling and hold when everyone else is buying. This is not merely a catchy slogan. It is the very essence of successful investments.” — Jean Paul Getty

Let me do a quick recap:

Deflation Trend #1 = Globalization

Deflation Trend #2 = Technology

Deflation Trend #3 – Aging western demographics

Deflation Trend #4 – Synchronized Global Recession

Deflation Trend #5 – Coronavirus concerns

Deflation Trend #6 – Oil price collapse

To combat deflation, the world is being swamped with NIRP—Negative Interest Rate Policy.

Central Bankers themselves see what’s coming. 

And what are they doing, while they tell you and me that everything will be alright?


The Central Bankers are realizing their massive experiment has gotten out of control.

And that their only way out of it is to destroy the value of paper money.

Which is why the Central Bankers themselves are buying as much gold as they can get their hands on.

While they dump their exposure to paper money… US Treasuries

Here is the evidence…

If this doesn’t disturb you I don’t know what will.

When it comes to Central Bankers we need to listen to what our parents taught us.

Don’t listen to what the Central Bankers are saying…..

Watch what they are doing.

Because when it comes to gold, they have the ultimate inside information.

And the ability to make the outcome true.

While their message has been consistent - "All is well, remain calm"…

Their actions have been MUCH different.

They are buying as much gold as they can get their hands on.

And their pace of purchasing is accelerating.

All is not well and the Central Bankers know it.

Get exposure to gold now!!!


For a decade the gold and precious metals sector has experienced a relentless exodus of investor capital.

While the S&P 500 has been trading near historic valuation highs.

Companies in the gold sector have never been cheaper.

We are talking about valuations in this sector at 100 year lows.

The entire sector could double and still not be expensive.

Gold valuations have the potential to see 10, 20 and 30 baggers.

This next chart tells you everything you need to know.

Take a look at it.

Then I’ll break it down.

Here it is….

The blue line in this chart represents the price of gold.

Since the start of 2010 the price of gold is up.

Up almost 40 percent.

The orange line in the chart is the VanEck Junior Gold Miners ETF.

These are small gold mining stocks.

Which since the start of 2010 is down…

More than 60 percent!!!

That makes no sense… up big, and gold mining stocks down.

At these valuations this sector mostly reward and little risk.

But there sure is upside--massive, massive, upside.

This is a powerful combination.

Again the kind of asymmetric opportunity that great investors like Monish Pabrai and Prem Watsa look for.

Not only are gold sector stocks historically cheap.

They are historically cheap right at the moment that Central Bankers are making it essential to own them.

On valuation alone the gold sector has massive upside.

Add a rising gold price to this and it is easy to see how these stocks can go up 7, 8 and 10 times from where they currently trade.

The beautiful thing about being long the gold sector heading into a bull market….

Is that the bull market happens incredibly fast.

And is incredibly powerful.

History has proven that time and again.

It doesn’t require much money to come into this sector to send it soaring.

In bull markets this entire sector generates multi-bagger returns in just a couple of years.

A bull market for the S&P 500 sees it double over seven or eight years.

A bull market in the gold sector sees it double in six months!

Over a couple of years the sector will go up 500%, 600%, 800%.......

And that is the entire sector.

If you pick the right gold stocks you can easily have 20 or 30 bagger stock returns in a couple of years.

I’m not joking —

 30 times your money on one stock!

There is nothing like being on the right side of a bull gold market.

Especially if you are positioned in the right stocks.

These companies offer HUGE LEVERAGE to movements in the price of gold.

When gold goes up these stocks go up 10-X the percentage move of the metal.

Revenue, earnings and cash flows of junior gold miners are directly tied to the price of gold.

Actually it is more than that.

Cash flows for these companies are extremely leveraged to the price of gold.

When gold goes up, cash flows for these companies go up multiples more.

With gold moving higher, these stocks need an incredible move higher..

A move that is now starting to happen.

And we can thank the Central Bankers for that.

For the better part of seven years the price of gold has repeatedly tried (and failed) to break through stubborn resistance—in both rupees and in US dollars.

After seven years of trying gold had become a coiled spring just waiting to be released.

Finally… the beginning of June 2019 gold succeeded.

That coiled spring broke through that crucial 2000 rupees and USD $1,350 per ounce resistance level.

That tells us that the time for waiting is over.

Gold is going to double or triple from here……there is no upside technical resistance to stop it.

The time to buy this sector is now.

Fear is why Central Bankers have been quietly loading up on gold for years.

Fear of the mess that they have created.



If you’re a smart investor, or an older investor, you knew most of the material I just gave you…or you suspected it. 

So far, I’ve given you information you already know and agree with.

Now I want to tell you something you don’t know—the best stock to profit from all this information!

I have done all the hard work, now you can reap all of the rewards right beside me.

I’m going to give you the perfect stock to own. There is no element of trust required on your part…

You don’t have to take my word on this stock.

I will provide you all of the information on it to make that decision for yourself.

All that you have to do is read the report that I’m going to provide for you in one moment.

The stock I’m going to present to you today provides the deep value that we seek and the huge leverage to gold

Here is what this stock currently offers….

1 – A dirt cheap valuation, nobody is looking at this stock

2 - A pure play on gold--the leverage to gold is huge

3 – Gold production is doubling in the next 12 months

4 – The dividend just jumped 100%, and I expect TWO MORE increases in the next 12-16 months, even if gold does not go up from here

5 – Management has a big stake in the company

6 –This company’s growth engine is inside the United States

7 – A tight share structure, creates explosive upside

8 – Zero long term debt on the balance sheet

9 – Extremely low cost production, all-in-sustaining cost for gold is $677 per ounce which is 25% better than the industry average

The report I’m about to offer you details every one of those key features.

This is one of those low risk, and multi-bagger reward opportunities that come around once in a blue moon.

Smart investors realize that all four global trends I showed you today are making dividend paying gold stocks the #1 investment for today. 

Plus…..there is one more important thing.

This stock brings its own catalyst to get the stock price moving now.

This company’s production is exploding higher….

It will double year on year — the market has priced none of that into the stock.

On top of that, I think the dividend is going to soar as production doubles.

The time to buy this stock is right now before that dividend gets cranked up again.

I’ve put together a full report on this fast growing gold producer.  If you want to start making money NOW with this stock, and the many other winners I’ll be telling my subscribers about, sign up for my Investing Whisperer newsletter TODAY.


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  3. why southern India will likely not ever see a large outbreak
  4. How much do we need to worry it will return in autumn 2020

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