Over more than two decades in the junior mining sector I’ve taken my fair share of knocks but I’ve also learned what the exact right setup is for a winning gold stock.

I am only interested in the gold mining & exploration companies that have every element of that exact right setup. 

Now, to make The Big Wins that I have had lately, you still need a bull market in gold FOR SURE.  But my wins have been outsized in the last 3 months—HUGE.  I think I’ve got another – which is coming to you TOMORROW.  It’s my #1 Nevada junior.

In fact, it’s my Top TWO Nevada plays—yes, this company is drilling TWO Nevada assets with its $10 million PLUS cash.

The recipe for success behind tomorrow’s stock is exactly the same as what has worked for me repeatedly before.  It isn’t magic, it just makes sense.

In April I pounded the table on Fosterville South (FSX-TSXv).  I loved the team, I loved the shareholders invested, I loved the asset and I knew the market was going to go crazy for the stock.

The result…Fosterville South has been a FIVE BAGGER in just 10 weeks.

I brought Prime Mining (PRYM-TSXv) to readers in March. 

This was an emerging gold play in Mexico.  Again the recipe was the same.  The asset was in the right neighborhood, the management team was proven, and the financial backers behind the company included the right names….

The result — Prime Mining has been another five bagger in less than four months.

Last week it was Vizsla Resources (VZLA-TSXv) and I still haven’t stopped smiling….

Earlier in the year I alerted my readers that I thought Vizsla would be the next Silvercrest (SIL-TSX) which went from 13 cents to $13 in 5 years. 

Vizsla put out the first ever drill results in June on their Napoleon vein in NW Mexico—and they were tremendous.  CEO Michael Konnert then followed that up last week with even bigger news—silver equivalent grades over 10 kilos per ton!

On July 8th alone Vizsla was up 74% and is now nearly a ten-bagger from March levels.

In addition to those three multi-baggers I’ve also pounded the table over the past several months on:

  • Turmalina Metals (TBX:TSXV) went from 50 cents to $1.80
  • K92 Mining (KNT:TSXV)  has gone from 80 cents to $4.79
  • Eclipse Gold (EGLD-TSXv) from 35 cents (now almost a triple)

The next one is COMING TOMORROW.  Watch for it before market open!

How To Find These GOLD Stocks – Simple, But Be Selective

Investing is humbling. But with experience, you can learn from ever single investment that you make.

I’ve taken what I have learned and developed a checklist, a process for investing in junior gold miners. 

What I require is……

1 – Tight share structure because that is what creates the explosive upside on positive news.  Tomorrow’s stock meets my needs on that.

2 – Management owns a lot of stock.  Why would you ever want to invest with a team that doesn’t?  The CEO’s family just put in $1 million.

3 – Proven backers are invested. This company has some of the most wealthy and savvy junior mining investors as big shareholders.

4 – The cash is already in the bank and the next 12 months are funded.  I’m impatient so I’m not going to sit and wait for money to be raised.  This company has $10 million plus cash.

5 – A high impact asset.  Something that is going to move the needle if a discovery is made.  This company is drilling not one but TWO advanced stage Nevada plays this summer.

6 – Near term catalysts.  News flow moves stock prices so I want a company that is going to be driving its own stock with positive results

My process isn’t rocket science but it does require being selective.

The 2020 results speak for themselves.


I’ll Take Some Credit
But This Is What $1,800 Gold Does…

Why is this happening now?  Why are junior gold stocks creating 10 years’ worth of wealth in the span of months and sometimes weeks?

The answer is – while it seems to be happening quickly—it really isn’t.

The Big Stock Moves we are seeing today are the result of 10 years of hard work done by great mining teams who have been stealthily buying great assets for pennies on the dollar.

I’ve been keeping tabs on these teams in recent years, but it hasn’t been until the last 12 months that the market has been ready.

The high quality assets I’m profiling now were often acquired over the past decade—when gold was as low as $1,000 an ounce and there was no capital in the sector. 

The top mining teams have been busy.  Looking, buying and then waiting.

When you aren’t competing with anyone it is very easy to make great deals on great properties.  The smart teams bought these assets at the bottom —— and now that the Market is ready—eager even; these stocks can ride a tsunami of demand.

This isn’t rocket science.  It’s a roaring bull market in gold, and the market knows a great deal when it sees one.  That is why the really good deals have been moving higher so fast.

Assets that were bought with the idea of gold being $600 to $700 lower are now being developed at current gold prices.  Can you say minting money?

We just hit $1800 an ounce and Central Banks around the world have set the stage for gold to run for years to come!

It has been a long time since it has been this easy to make money in the junior gold sector — now that the opportunity has arrived it is the fastest way for an investor to make money.

I will take some credit for knowing the sector extremely well and being aware of which teams that I want to be invested with.

But make no mistake, it is the market’s desire to own these companies that is turning these stocks into multi-baggers within months……sometimes weeks.

This is the time to make money in this sector. 

My next 2020 gold stock launches tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow’s Stock Isn’t The Best Shot –
It Is The Best Double Shot

For all of the details on this stock you are going to need to read my e-mail tomorrow.  I like to build a little suspense….

When it hits your in-box don’t delay.

While in some ways the company is unique, in all of the important ways the setup is exactly the same as what has worked repeatedly for all of these multi-baggers this year.

Again that recipe is – great asset, management with a lot of their own money in the company, a shareholder base loaded with great mining investors, etc.

I will give you a couple of hints though.

First – this is a Nevada play which is right where you want to be.  Nevada plays get premium valuations in the market because of no political risk, no security risk and low cost of operations.

Second – the shareholder base on this deal isn’t good, it is filled with celebrity level gold mining names.  The smart money knows where the shots at big prizes lie.

Third – this Nevada play isn’t just the best shot.  It is The Best Double Shot that you will ever get.  There are TWO high impact properties getting drilled in the coming weeks—either of which promise to be a company maker.

Fourth – With over $10 million in the treasury and THREE rigs drilling this summer, there will be a steady stream of drilling results coming in.

One micro-cap stock. Two high potential Nevada plays.  Three drill rigs.  This stock is as simple as 1-2-3.

If you need a reminder of what drilling results can do for a stock just have another look at Vizsla which in now and 10-bagger in 2020 and was up 74% in one day last week alone. 

With three rigs running the company I’m bringing to you tomorrow could be throwing drilling result news flow at the market like it is coming out of a machine gun.

Tomorrow you get the name, full details of the asset and team, plus of course the ticker symbol.


Tomorrow I’m going to be sending you an e-mail.

You are going to want to read that e-mail immediately.

If you have been following me this year I won’t need to explain why.

Tomorrow’s e-mail is going to contain the name of the next junior gold mining stock that is about to go on a tear.

It will be yet another junior miner that my readers can add to their list of big winners in 2020.

If you haven’t been following me let me recap for you the mining stocks that I’ve been writing about and how those stocks have performed.  If you have been following me you can go back and check the e-mails that I sent you previously that detailed these companies