My 2nd Silver Stock Pick of the Year(My First Was a 6-Bagger in Weeks!)

Silver and silver companies are having a HUGE move in 2020—catching up to gold! This precious metals bull market has been “text-book”; meaning that gold ran up first, and then it was a full year before silver started to move.
But when it did, it doubled from the March lows to August—and producing silver companies have given shareholders a huge win.
Just like in 2019—when gold producers ran up in price first, and then gold exploration companies—silver is now doing the same in 2020.
This month billionaire precious metals investor and well-known silver bug Eric Sprott invested $78M into silver major First Majestic Silver.
I’ve only written up one silver stock so far—Michael Konnert’s Vizsla Resources (VZLA-TSXv), which went from 45 cents to $2.92!
Vizsla had everything I wanted—an up-and-coming CEO, a great property with historical production and lots of underground workings and incredible expansion potential.
I’m ready to give you my Second Silver Pick of the Year.

Like Vizsla, this silver exploration story has a proven wealth builder as CEO–he is one of the top up and coming CEO’s in junior mining—a young man who already has one Bill Dennis Award–Prospector of the Year–under his belt. He has already been recognized by his peers with one of the most prestigious awards in the western world. People are truly the most precious commodity.
It is a historic producer with over 35 million ounces of silver produced (so we KNOW there was LOTS of silver there), with miles of underground workings all over the place.
It has an even tighter share structure than Vizsla.
AND GET THIS—the adjacent explorer just hit a high grade silver hole that ran 29 meters of 965 grams/tonne AgEq. This hole was only 300 meters from my 2nd Silver Pick Of The Year. Now, of course, there’s no guarantee that vein goes onto my #2 Silver Pick of the Year. But the vein definitely trends that way!
Guess where it is? You got it—NEVADA.
I’ve been telling you—Nevada’s mining friendly government gives discoveries there GREAT exposure. Silver gives investors more exposure than gold – because it’s a much smaller market.
Package all that up into a company that is so ground floor, it has not even released its first set of drill results yet—and you have all the ingredients for success.
Now of course, they have to be GOOD drill results—but did I mention that high grade drill hole on the property next door is only 300 meters away from their property boundary?
Let me set the stage for you with a couple stock charts:
1.    Here’s what happened to Konnert’s Vizsla stock this year as the market anticipated—and got—A High Grade Silver Discovery:


From March the stock is up 960%……..
Now here’s Stock Chart #2—this is the adjacent silver explorer.


If you are a mining sector investor you know what this chart means–discovery! And it was — 29 meters of 965 grams per tonne silver equivalent–a dream result.
This is also important because this comes from an old silver camp…so now the Market knows there is high grade silver over a long interval. We know that from the many historical mines and underground workings over that stretch.


Nevada is now known for gold, but for well over 60 years—from the Comstock discovery in 1859 to the 1920s—Nevada was all about silver.
And back in 1910, this historical silver mine was a large producer in its day, producing well over a million ounces per year on average for over a decade. It closed in 1929 and nobody has figured out how much high grade silver is left.  No one has seriously looked at this property in 80 years.
Historic miners just mined along the veins. Nothing around the old mines is known to have been drilled–NOTHING.
Technology has improved so much–both in finding and producing silver–that a lot of the silver left behind after 1929 could now be economic.
I’m not saying it is, but we have seen this time and again–when capable exploration companies of today go back into one of these historic high grade places–they often find there is more to discover.
Some of the biggest success stories in the history of the junior mining is dusting off an old asset and looking at it from a modern day technology point of view.
This is an intelligent way to explore for minerals. It is less risky than Wildcat exploration and a whole lot more exciting than project development. This is the lower risk, better upside way to build a junior miner.

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I’ve introduced you to so many multi-baggers in the mining sector in 2020 that I’m starting to lose count. I hope you have capitalized on some or most of them.
It seems to be happening very fast–but this is actually years of hard work by great management teams now coming to fruition in a bullish metals market.
This Nevada silver company has such a simple story that it really is nothing more than common sense.
1.    You have two strong executives on the board
2.    The 3D mapping shows that underground each side of the property boundary looks prospective. 
3.    There are also historic mines from the early 1900s…… guessed it, on each side of the property boundary.
Tomorrow I’m going to provide you the full details on my Second Silver Pick of The Year.
Here is what you will learn:
1 – The specific details of the silver opportunity that this company is currently drilling
2 – More color on what the next door neighbor found just 300 meters away
3 – Information on the past wins that the CEO and Directors of this company have been involved with……THIS IS A FIRST CLASS TEAM
4 – Why I think Nevada is going to be the source of many more huge silver mining success stories in the next couple of years
5 – Drilling started in July. Results are due SOON.
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