Join Me Tomorrow Afternoon For A Unique, Special Conference

Join Gwen Preston of Resource Maven,

with special guest Keith Schaefer of Investing Whisperer,

for a conference focused on

Private Placements in Junior Mining


My colleague Gwen Preston is hosting a unique conference tomorrow in Vancouver, and I think retail investors should be attending!

There are two ways to buy shares in junior exploration companies that you like: in the market or in a financing.

Each has advantages and challenges. It can be hard to buy a significant position in a small explore-co in the market without pushing the price higher, but the shares are free trading so you can sell them if the price moves on news, or for any other reason. No waiting. Financings let you buy bigger positions at a pre-set price and (usually) give you warrants, but you’re stuck with the shares for four months no matter what the stock does in that time frame.

When I see a market really starting to heat up–like it is now–or if I’m looking at a very early stage deal that rarely (or never) trades, financings start to take priority.

Why? The warrants, and the ability to buy at a known, locked-in price

Warrants let you buy more shares at a pre-determined price for a set period of time. That means they are a free ticket to double down on a winning bet. A rising gold market can turn gold bets into winners so when I see good times for gold ahead – I want to own as many warrants as I can.

Of course, what I really want are warrants in good deals. And there are lots of those opportunities around – if you know where to look.

Find good deals at the upcoming Resource Maven: Financing Opportunities event, happening Thursday February 13th in downtown Vancouver

Register here!

Good deals can take many forms. There are new listings that marry experienced teams and good-but-forgotten assets. There are tiny companies trading at shell valuation because they’ve been inactive for years that are getting going again. There are high-potential projects that are finally about to get the exploration attention they deserve.

When they work, these stocks generate profits for investors all along the way. But the biggest returns go to those who get in early, with warrants.

And there is only one way to do that: know a lot of people in the exploration space.

It’s through my network that I learn about new deals. It’s because of the people I know that I can get into good deals early.

My friend Gwen Preston at Resource Maven does the same, using her network to find good deals that she shares with her Premium subscribers.

But Gwen is taking it one step farther: she’s putting on a conference next week and anyone who attends can learn about – and participate in – the good deals she is currently buying.

Gwen and I have similar requirements when it comes to looking for good deals. And importantly, we have different networks. They overlap, of course, but she knows people I don’t know and vice versa.

On Thursday February 13th, she will be letting everyone who attends her Resource Maven: Financing Opportunities event in on her current deals. If you invest in private placements in the mining space, you should check it out.

Gwen is inviting a host of companies with active financings – deals she is investing in – and if you are looking to grow your ability to profit in this bull market by getting in on good deals with warrants you will almost certainly find something there that you like.

Obviously, the choice is yours but the event is a great way to meet a group of companies Gwen has selected that you know in advance are undertaking placements which have available room in them if you’re interested. All that plus talks from Gwen and Keith in pleasant surroundings with other resource investors you can network with too.

Get your ticket today for Resource Maven: Financing Opportunities

Thursday February 13th in downtown Vancouver–here is the link!