Clarity Gold (CLAR-CSE) is about to provide investors with A LOT MORE CLARITY, as the drill results come in from their Destiny gold play in the Abitibi Greenstone belt—on the Quebec side.

I profiled Clarity last fall, in the depths of gold’s pullback. Investors yawned. But look-see, this stock stayed up when all the juniors fell to multi-week lows—many losing 50-80% of their value.

That relative strength says the Market is more confident than most gold punts for good news.

Honestly, this was a no-brainer for me because it ticks every imaginable box there is:

1)    They already have a discovery! They KNOW where the gold is.

2)    Only 28 M shares out; mgmt owns 11%

3)    Millions in the bank

4)    The geologist picking the holes has already developed one big deposit in Canada’s North

There’s a 10,000 meter drill program well underway at Destiny, and investors can expect the first set of results within weeks. Those meters should get 40 holes for Clarity.

There’s six known mineralized belts—deformation zones—in the Abitibi that have produced well over 190 M oz of gold in the last century. It’s in Canada, where tenure is secure and the service sector is competitive.  All the Big Mining Money in Toronto and New York can visit the property.

The Destiny project is one of the least explored “deformation corridors” that have hosted so many deposits. 

Previous operators were able to outline a historical resource in shallow pods near the surface. All those pods were open along strike and at depth. And the true riches of the Abitibi have been at depth, so this round of drilling will hopefully outline some of that potential at Destiny.

Geologist Rory Kutluogu is helping spot the drills. Rory was brought into Kaminak Gold after Rob Carpenter discovered their Coffee Deposit, and Kutluogu efficiently built ounces there until its $500 million + takeout.

This isn’t “I HOPE” kind of drilling—they KNOW there is great grade at depth. One hole had one metre of 167 g/t Au (over 5 OUNCES per ton), another had 90 g/t over 1 metre and another 6 g/t over 23 metres.

The team here knows so much. They know there are five stacked mineralized zones at depth. They know how the mineralization dips. All the pods are in a row, and the known strike length is already 6 kilometres.

Obviously, if each horizon was evenly mineralized this project would already be a mine. Management has to figure out how the high-grade gold strings together, and make sure there’s enough of it to make an economic deposit. If it was that easy, I would already be rich!

But for such a small market cap here–$35 million—a lot of risk has been removed. Just down the road is Amex Exploration (AMX-TSXv) with a $270 million market cap and the same geology that Clarity is drilling now.

Everything is ready. If they hit a couple good holes, with this tight share structure, Destiny has a great chance at giving Clarity shareholders a banner year.


Clarity Gold has been a paying client of the OGIB Corporate Bulletin in the last 12 months.