HOW IS THIS STILL HAPPENING?? Here’s the Simple Solution to a 20 BILLION POUND A YEAR Problem

One of the biggest environmental problems—and therefore one of the biggest business opportunities—is right over your head.

It’s on your roof.

There are over 83 million homes in America with asphalt shingle roofs, each with 1-3 tonnes of shingles. Asphalt shingles are the undisputed most popular roofing product in the market today.

7% of roofs are replaced each year. Almost NONE of these shingles are recycled. They are single-use products!

They all go HERE:

Now, this huge pile of asphalt shingles in Dallas (70,000 tons and growing daily!) is one of several hundred around the USA—they’re so big they get names! This is called Shingle Mountain and it has had stories written about it.

Every year in North America roughly 11 TO 13 MILLION TONS of recyclable asphalt shingles get sent to landfills—that’s over 20 BILLION POUNDS.  

Shingles upon shingles upon shingles are piled up across the continent.

This makes no sense, in so many ways. 

  1. in today’s hyper-conscious ESG world (Environmental / Social / Governance), how do they not get recycled?
  2. Because it’s just simple liquid asphalt, fiber and aggregate sand—
  3. the markets for those products are worth a ton of money right now! 

I think it’s a heckuva business opportunity.

I mean, this product is ubiquitous. It’s EVERYWHERE—on over two-thirds of our homes in North America.

And here’s the best part: Not only are all these markets lucrative—the shingles are better than free! You get paid to take the shingles to keep them out of the landfill!!!

This business model comes from “tipping fees”—and folks, tipping fees around North America are only going up, up and up. 

So imagine getting paid—receiving–a small fortune for your input cost. And then being able to sell your output in three different markets. You’re making money every way you turn.

That sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me!!!

And yes, I have found the micro-cap company that is putting the final touches on the solution to this problem right now.

It’s newly-listed, with over $12 million cash just raised…

…Not only does their clean technology work, they are sprinting towards commercial production this year. And they have a multi-national construction company who has said—I want ALL–100%–of your recycled liquid asphalt. The Market is validating their product BIG TIME.

Every single interested party in the shingle supply chain is heavily motivated to address this issue. Shingle suppliers, roofing contractors, waste haulers, homebuilders, cities, states, national governments —EVERYBODY—desperately want to be environmentally friendly.

Pressure is mounting at every level to fix this…

Nobody wants to see OVER 20 BILLION POUNDS of shingles dumped into landfills every year–nobody. Yet there no economic solution (there isn’t even an UN-economic solution!)

But this company I found—with its stock under 50 cents—now has its first facility ramping up into commercial production. Shingles come in (and they get paid tipping fees to take the product), and are ground, crushed, and then sold for the recovered components (liquid asphalt, fiber, aggregate) to end customers on the other side.

This is the “circular economy” solution that the world now so badly desires. It’s about creating a second use for what would normally be a singe-use product (like a plastic bottle). Think about the re-use and repurposing of aluminum cans!

I’ve done the channel checks and deep dives. As far as I can tell this company is the ONLY publicly traded company with a solution to this problem—and that makes this technology of interest to every single city, state, province and county in North America.

So the opportunity in front of this company is clearly HUGE.

The shingle recycling opportunity is a virgin market! There are 83 million homes in North America that have shingle roofs —and 7% of them are reroofed every year— on average every single home gets shingled every 15 years.

This asphalt shingle landfill dumping is a big problem—and big problems make for big opportunities for whomever has the solution.

This well-funded micro-cap has that solution. You get the name and symbol tomorrow, along with all the details.

Their first facility is fully funded, finishing its beta runs now and ramping up into commercial production within the year.

This next part is so important—a large multi-national construction company has said they will buy 100% of the plant’s liquid asphalt. So the validation of their tech and their business model is already there.

Revenue will ramp up every month from now until next year when it really leapfrogs with the launch of the second expansion facility. Revenue will keep ramping as plant after plant can be added in cities that need to deal with their asphalt shingle problem.

That means this stock is already in growth mode.

The business has FOUR lucrative revenue streams:

  1. Get paid BIG bucks in tipping fees to just take the waste shingles
  2. Resell the asphalt from the shingles
  3. Resell the fibre from the shingles
  4. Resell the sand/aggregate from the shingles

There’s more–there are so many government grants for clean tech this company just hired a powerful consulting group to sift through them all. AND they could–in the future–sell the Carbon Credits that this process generates, versus the normal production of asphalt, fibre and sand.


Everyone In The Supply Chain

Wants This Company


ESG investing is about investing with a conscience.

This stock is a company where shareholders can feel really good about themselves. As can anyone close to this business.

EVERYBODY in the supply chain wants this company. It provides a solution for everyone.

Municipalities and federal, state and provincial government bodies are desperate to get rid of the huge piles of asphalt lying around—they are already a disaster.

Industry wants to be seen to be ESG friendly—but when they can actually make a lot of money on a tech that dramatically improves the environment—then it’s all-hands-on-deck!

This company’s pitch is an easy sell to EVERYBODY. Almost EVERYBODY has an asphalt shingle roof. 

The status quo is basically dumping dirty oil in a solid form into landfills—and we are all responsible.




ESG-friendly clean/green tech businesses like this are getting more lucrative by the day, and when I say that here’s what I mean: The world is now showing—in spades—it is willing to pay A LOT more for an environmentally friendly product.

Just look at RNG—Renewable Natural Gas—which comes from garbage dumps. “Garbage gas” has been around for 30 years, but now RNG sells for $25-$30/mcf, vs. $3.70 at Henry Hub these days.

Look at organic food.

Look at the relentlessly rising price of carbon these days.

Repurposing liquid asphalt is a gold mine. And this one micro-cap company has the only viable claim on that gold. I would know……I spent a week channel checking to try and find a real competitor.


That means that this stock has a chance at having a monopoly on recycling asphalt shingles in every city in North America.

Tomorrow I’ll give you the name of this stock, the symbol, & explain the business model in more detail.






Keith Schaefer