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First I want to explain to the four trends that every investor today needs to be aware of.


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
Benjamin Franklin

You remember 1999 don’t you?

It was the peak of a decade long bull market.

Investors felt no sense of danger.

Everyone just kept buying what had been working.

The S&P 500 was at all-time highs.

Then this happened……

The entire S&P 500 was cut in half over the following two years.

A $1 million portfolio invested in the S&P 500 was turned into $500,000…

Retirements were ruined.

Investors suffered through years of unimaginable stress.

While the crash in the S&P 500 was horrific… down by almost 50%.

The crash in the tech heavy NASDAQ was worse.

Much, much worse.

From the peak to the bottom, the NASDAQ dropped by 75%…

People who had chased tech stocks lost three-quarters of their portfolios.

It was so sad…

Because it didn’t have to be.

Instead of being ruined in 1999, it was actually one of the greatest money making opportunities ever.

All anyone had to do was look at the cold, hard, data.

Because in 1999 while tech stocks and the S&P 500 were dangerously overvalued…

There was another sector of the market that was trading at multi-generation lows.

A sector that was so cheap that there was little downside risk, but multi-bagger upside reward.

The kind of asymmetric opportunities that I’m always looking for.

You didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to see this.

You just needed to take the time to look at that data, and then do a little bit of thinking.

The reality of 1999 is that the opportunities amongst value stocks were absurdly good—but nobody was looking there

It really was like shooting fish in a barrel.

While tech stocks and the overall S&P 500 were absurdly expensive.

And obviously should have been avoided.

All that investors had to do to avoid the 1999 crash was take a quick look at the facts.

It only recorded a tiny bit of effort to read the objective data.

Data that clearly showed that technology stocks and the overall market were dangerously overvalued.

Have just a quick peek at the chart below.

It details almost 100 years of data on the price to earnings ratio at which the S&P 500 has traded at.

Can you spot the point in time where the S&P 500 trades at a bit of an unusually high valuation?

I’m guessing that you probably can…

It is plain as the nose on my face.

In 1999 the S&P 500 traded for more than 45 times earnings.

Almost triple where it has historically traded.

At that valuation the S&P 500 which was then dominated by the big tech stocks…

Offered no upside, and massive downside.

Because while the S&P 500 and tech stocks were dangerously expensive.

Another group of stocks were selling at rock bottom valuations.

There was opportunity to make big money.

A case in point is Dr. Michael Burry, who ran a hedge fund called Scion Capital.

Dr. Burry was busy buying up value stocks at multi-decade low valuations.

He wasn’t doing anything fancy.

He was just willing to look at the data, think, and then act.

While the sheep piled into S&P 500 stocks that were valued at 45 times earnings and higher, Burry was buying value stocks at 6, 7 and 8 times earnings.

It was obvious to him that while there is no upside for a market that trades at 45 times earnings.

Dr. Burry saw his value portfolio soar.

In 2001 the tech bubble was melting down and the S&P 500 fell 12 percent.

Meanwhile Burry’s Scion Capital returned 55 percent…

He beat the market by a ridiculous 67 percent in just one year.

Then came 2002.

In 2002 the S&P 500 dropped by another 22%, while Scion Capital’s portfolio loaded with obvious bargains went up by 16%.

Another big outperformance—beating the market by 38% in 2002.

In 2003 it was more of the same, with Burry smoking the market again… outperforming by another 21%.

Burry ran his hedge fund Scion Capital from the turn of the century through Q1 2008 when he closed it.

Over that time the S&P 500 went up a grand total of 5.2%.

When the market starts at a valuation of 45 times earnings, there isn’t much upside.

Scion Capital meanwhile went up a staggering 696%.

That was then……

The market is set up remarkably similar now.

In the table below I am presenting you with valuation data for the S&P 500 before the pandemic.

This table shows how expensive the S&P 500 was in 2019 on various benchmarks versus history.

Take a look at this data and then think about what it is telling you.

The column on the right tells us how expensive the S&P 500 was relative to history.

On every important valuation metric the S&P 500 in the middle of 2019 was incredibly expensive.

Either in the 99th percentile or very close to it.

Only a fool would think that there is upside from there.

Every one of these measures shows that the market in 2019 was historically expensive.  Dangerously so.

The only other time in the past 80 years that the S&P 500 had been this expensive was in 1999….

Which was right before one of the worst stock market crashes in history.

I’m not cherry picking data for this table.

I’m showing you all of the data.  Eight of the most important valuation metrics.

What has happened since all of these valuation signals were flashing these warning signals last summer?

Two things.

One — the pandemic has killed the economy, which means earnings and cash flows for S&P 500 companies have gone down.

Two — the stock market has actually gone higher!

It is crazy but it is true.

In July 2019 the stock market was already dangerously expensive.

99th percentile expensive on virtually every metric.

Since then earnings for companies in the S&P 500 have collapsed.

Yet…..the stock market is 14% higher!!!

Investors with portfolios exposed to the S&P 500 taking on enormous risk.

This dangerous overvaluation of the market is the first global trend that investors must be aware of.

The second global trend is the major cause of it.


How did the S&P 500 get so expensive?

To answer that question all we need to do is follow the money.

We just need to look at the trail of the trillions of dollars of cash that have piled into passive investment vehicles.

Passive investment vehicles are index funds and ETFs.

I call them passive money monsters.

The billions and billions of dollars poured into the passive money monsters today reminds me of an old saying…

What a wise man does in the beginning, a fool does in the end.”

You are likely aware of how an index fund or ETF works.

These are investment vehicles that literally invest without thinking…..

The money comes in, and the index fund or ETF automatically buys the stocks that are covered by the underlying index.

There is zero thinking involved.

The money comes in, the passive money monster buys the same stocks.

Over and over and over again.

I like index funds.  But I don’t like index funds when the stocks that they are buying are historically expensive and in their 99th valuation percentile.

Index funds and ETFs aren’t even sheep, at least sheep make a decision to follow the herd.

The index funds and ETFs are more like machines.

When money comes into them they just buy.

Index funds and ETFs buy with zero thought given to how expensive what they are buying is.

Index funds and ETFs buy with zero thought given to how a company is actually performing….

Index funds and ETFs buy with zero thought given to whether a company’s balance sheet is in decent shape.

If the stock is in the index, the passive money machine buys it.

And lately they have been doing a lot of buying.

Over the past 10 years money has flooded into passive investment vehicles.

An astounding $1.5 trillion has gone into index funds and ETFS.

Which then automatically buy the same stocks over, and over, and over again.

That $1.5 trillion has then been mindlessly dumped into the same S&P 500 stocks, and driven it to the 99th percentile in terms of valuation.

This mindless money is what drives the stock market higher while a pandemic rages and the economy burns.

And the passive money machines keep buying those same stocks today—despite the fact that they are historically expensive.

Folks, this will not end well.

Non-thinking sheep pouring money into non-thinking investment vehicles.

That is how the market has become so expensive—making the S&P 500 all risk and no reward.

But as an investor this isn’t a problem.

Because just like in 1999 when all the money flows one way…..

It opens up an opportunity in another direction.

There is something else that you need to note in the chart above.

The chart doesn’t just show the $1.5 dollar trail of where the sheep have been pouring their money…

It also shows you where the sheep have been pulling all of this money from.

It shows you that the $1.5 trillion that has gone into mindless ETFs and index funds…

Has been pulled from active investment funds.

While more and more money gets managed by non-thinking index funds.

Less and less money is managed by smart funds……investment managers who have brains that make decisions based on valuation.

While the same stocks get bid up by the index funds.

Other parts of the market aren’t just ignored.

They are sold off aggressively as active money managers have to sell to meet investor redemptions.

This is the second major global trend that you must be aware of today.

Forced selling by active managers has driven down certain groups of stocks to unfathomably low levels.

Just as the S&P 500 is historically expensive.

Many stocks that are outside of the S&P 500 are historically cheap.

The result of this is trend is an unprecedented opportunity in areas of the market that index funds don’t buy.

Like this one……


$1.5 trillion has been pulled out of the active funds that make investment decisions based on the crazy notion that you should buy stocks based on things like:

Earnings growth…


Balance sheet quality……


As that $1.5 trillion has been pulled from active funds.

It has forced those value focused funds to sell the stocks that they own.

Stocks that were the most attractively valued to begin with.

This is an important point, so be sure that you grasp it.

While S&P 500 stocks have gotten more expensive as the passive money machines buy them relentlessly…

The value stocks that the active fund managers own which were already bargain priced…

Have been pushed down even further.

When there is forced selling like this it always pays to be on the other side of the trade as a buyer.

This forced selling has created an incredible opportunity.

While the most expensive stocks in the market have never been more expensive.

The cheapest stocks in the market have never been this cheap.

Valuations are now so low the downside is VERY low…

And the upside nearly unprecedented.

The kind of asymmetric opportunity that I’m always look for.

This has set the stage for massive outperformance.

Just as it did in 1999.

This is the biggest opportunity we are going to get a crack at.

An opportunity of an investment lifetime.

It is like shooting fish in a barrel.

And I’m going to show you the barrel with the most fish.

The index funds and ETFs that invest without thinking have abandoned entire sectors of stocks.

And no sector so much as the resource sector.

For ten years money has been pulled from resource stocks.

And for ten years money has been pulled from active fund managers who invest in resource stocks.

Something happens when the money flow from a particular sector moves entirely in one direction.

When there are no buyers, and countless sellers stocks become inefficiently priced.

When all of the money flows out of a sector those stocks become incredibly cheap.

Today resource stocks aren’t just cheap.

This is a sector that has been completely abandoned.

These stocks are so cheap—they really can’t go any lower, but they sure can go A LOT HIGHER.

The downside risk is a few percent.

The upside opportunities are multi-bagger returns.

Life changing wealth creation.

While the S&P 500 trades in the 99th percentile valuation wise…

Resource stocks trade at the extreme other end of the spectrum.

Despite gold already roaring to all-time highs.

Gold moves first.  The stocks move second and by many multiples more.

While the S&P 500 offers little reward and Big Risk, resource stocks offer small risk and Big Reward.

This is where I know the multi-baggers of the next 18 to 36 months are coming from.

I’m not talking doubles and triples, but 10 and 15 baggers…

These resource stocks aren’t just absurdly cheap.

They have also never been more important to own.

Despite the price of gold soaring investors are massively underexposed to the sector.

As you can see in the chart below by the fact that investors of all classes had virtually no exposure to the sector coming into 2020.

The sliver of the pie that represents gold and precious metals is almost too thin to see.

At a point in time where it has never been more important to own gold very few people do.

You can see what just a little interest in gold has done to the price of the metal in 2020.

The average investor has way too much exposure to the S&P 500 which is in the 99th valuation percentile.

And no exposure to investments that offer upside and safety.

For those of us who are willing to think though…

We should be excited.

With portfolios across the globe having virtually nothing allocated to precious metals it sets the stage for massive profits.

When money starts cycling into this sector it is going to have a disruptive effect on the pricing of the assets that it is flowing into.

The investment world is massively underexposed to gold.

At exactly the time that they should be more exposed to it than ever.

A decade of Central Banker madness has seen to that…


The four most dangerous words in investing are “This time it’s different”. John Templeton

Over the past 13 years the debt carried by Central Banks has ballooned.

We are now at disaster levels, and there will be a reckoning.

Not just for some countries.

But for all countries…

Every Central Bank had been doing it before the pandemic.

Their response to the pandemic has been to dump a tanker full of gasoline onto an already raging fire.

The United States…



Of course.




More than anyone.

Over just the past 13 years Central Bank balance sheets globally have quintupled in size.

There are always consequences of our actions.

You can’t do something this severe without major consequences.

This ballooning of Central Bank balance sheets isn’t a little concerning.

This is terrifying.

In doing so Central Banks have buried their countries in debt.

But they aren’t done…

They just keep piling the debt on an on.

In 2020 the United States will run a deficit of at least $3 trillion…

That will again just add to the country’s massive amount of debt.

Trillion dollar deficits aren’t normal…

They are new.

3 Trillion dollar deficits are completely otherworldly.

Look at that chart…

For decades the U.S. Government kept the deficit within reason.

Then in 2008 we threw reason out the window.

In response to the Great Recession the Government started spending…

Ok, that makes sense.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

But… guess what?

The Great Recession ended a decade ago…

Yet the U.S. Government has still been spending like drunken soldiers…

So is every other Central Bank around the world.

And we are starting to see some very strange things as a result of this incredible fiscal irresponsibility.

We are a decade into a period of unprecedented Central Bank market manipulation.

Now with the pandemic it is getting even bigger.

Multiples bigger….

Do not for a moment believe that these folks know what they are doing.

They are making it up on the fly…

Nobody knows how this is going to end.

But chances are, it isn’t going to end well.

There will be consequences for a decade of fiscal irresponsibility.

The reality is that we are the guinea pigs in a massive Central Banking experiment.

Now we are seeing some very frightening things.

Case in point are the trillions of dollars government bonds that currently carry negative interest rates.

Yes… bonds that require the lender to pay the borrower!

These are bonds that are guaranteed to lose money…

And the scary thing is that sophisticated investors are buying them hand over fist!!

If that isn’t terrifying I don’t know what is.

Negative interest rates are a symptom of a very sick financial system.

This is like you going to work and paying your boss for the privilege of doing things for him.

That sounds crazy, but that is exactly what negative interest rates are like.

This is like you going to bank and getting a mortgage…

And instead of you paying the bank interest, the bank pays interest to you!

Yes, this is exactly what negative interest rates are like.

And banks paying interest to borrowers is literally happening right now in Europe.

Central bankers have created a Bizarro world for us….

Every single government bond in Germany currently sports a negative yield.

It gets even crazier.

Twenty percent of European corporate bonds also now have negative yields.

That means that companies are getting paid to borrow money.

I want to be so clear here—NIRP—Negative Interest Rate Policy—is here to stay. When the government and banks pay you to borrow–to go spend and create jobs and create wealth—you know things are bad.

But this cloud also has a silver lining—it sets up an incredible opportunity to profit.

Negative yields are not rational.

They don’t make sense.

What they are is a symptom.

A symptom of a disease…

That disease is horribly sick Central Bank balance sheets.

It’s a disease for which everyone needs protection.

The good news is that there is protection out there.

And it isn’t going to just protect your portfolio.

It is going to make you gobs of money.

An unprecedented opportunity is at hand to profit from Central Bank madness.

I know exactly the stock to own to do that.


Buy when everyone else is selling and hold when everyone else is buying. This is not merely a catchy slogan. It is the very essence of successful investments.” — Jean Paul Getty

Let me do a quick recap:

Global Trend #1 – S&P at all time high valuation, 99th percentile

Global Trend #2 – Passive Investing has created this, but it has also created opportunity by sucking money away from active managers

Global Trend #3 – Resource Stocks, especially Gold are historically cheap despite a soaring gold price

Global Trend #4 – The world is being swamped with NIRP—Negative Interest Rate Policy setting up a massive flight of money into gold and gold stocks.

No wonder leading money managers in the world—like Ray Dalio—are yelling at people to buy gold now!

Dalio is not alone. Central Bankers themselves see what’s coming.

And what are they doing, while they tell you and me that everything will be alright?


The Central Bankers are realizing their massive experiment has gotten out of control.

And that their only way out of it is to destroy the value of paper money.

That is why the Central Bankers themselves are buying as much gold as they can get their hands on.

While they dump their exposure to paper money… US Treasuries

Here is the evidence…

If this doesn’t disturb you I don’t know what will.

When it comes to Central Bankers we need to listen to what our parents taught us.

Don’t listen to what the Central Bankers are saying…

Watch what they are doing.

Because when it comes to gold, they have the ultimate inside information.

And the ability to make the outcome true.

While their message has been consistent: “All is well, remain calm”…

Their actions have been significantly different.

They are buying as much gold as they can get their hands on.

And their pace of purchasing is accelerating.

Central Banks were buying gold before the pandemic, before they dumped a tanker full of money printing gasoline on the raging fire.

All is not well and the Central Bankers know it.

Trillions of negative interest rate Government Bonds tell us…

Negative interest rate corporate bonds tell us…

Bloated Central Bank balance sheets tell us…

One of the most successful hedge fund managers in history, Ray Dalio, is telling us…

Central Bank buying is telling us…

Get exposure to gold now!!!



For a decade the gold and precious metals sector has experienced a relentless exodus of investor capital.

While the S&P 500 is near historic valuation highs.

Companies in the gold sector have never been cheaper.

Even now while gold is soaring higher.

We are talking about valuations in this sector being at 100 year lows.

That is absolute madness considering that gold has already rocketed higher.

The entire sector could triple and still not be expensive.

Within the most off the radar stocks in the sector there will be 10, 20 and 30 baggers that come out of this.

Today non-thinking investors own the S&P 500 which is historically expensive.

At these valuations S&P 500 is all risk and no reward at current prices.

Gold valuations have the potential to see 10, 20 and 30 baggers.

The stocks have already broken out but still have years to run.

This next chart tells you everything you need to know.

Take a look at it.

Then I’ll break it down.

Here it is….

The blue line in this chart represents the price of gold.

Since the start of 2010 the price of gold is up.

Up almost 90 percent.

The orange line in the chart is the VanEck Junior Gold Miners ETF.

Which since the start of 2010 is down…

More than 44 percent!!!

That makes no sense…

Junior gold miners have huge leverage to the price of gold.

If gold is up 90% this sector should be up multiples of that.

Instead these stocks are actually down…….and down big!

This is the product of mining pouring into index funds and out of actively managed funds.

At these valuations this sector offers huge reward and little risk.

A decade of investor neglect.  A decade of trillions flowing into the passive money machine monsters has created an incredible market inefficiency.

Junior gold stocks have upside–massive, massive, upside.

This is a powerful combination.

Not only are resource sector stocks historically cheap.

They are historically cheap right at the moment that Central Bankers are making it essential to own them.

Money is about to come flooding into this sector.

On valuation alone the resource sector has massive upside.

Add a rising gold price to this and we have fuel being dumped on a fire.

The beautiful thing about being long the gold sector heading into a bull market….

Is that the bull market happens incredibly fast.

And is incredibly powerful.

History has proven that time and again.

It doesn’t require much money to come into this sector to send it soaring.

When the sheep finally start dumping their index funds, and looking to the safety of gold.

The rally we have seen thus far could truly just be the beginning.

In bull markets this entire sector generates multi-bagger returns in just a couple of years.

A bull market for the S&P 500 sees it double over seven or eight years.

A bull market in the gold sector sees it double in six months!

Over a couple of years the sector will go up 500%, 600%, 800%…

And that is the entire sector.

If you pick the right gold stocks you can easily have 20 or 30 bagger stock returns in a couple of years.

There is nothing like being on the right side of a bull gold market.

Especially if you are positioned in the right stocks.

These companies offer HUGE LEVERAGE to movements in the price of gold.

When gold goes up these stocks go up 10-X the percentage move of the metal.

Revenue, earnings and cash flows of junior gold miners are directly tied to the price of gold.

Actually it is more than that.

Cash flows for these companies are extremely leveraged to the price of gold.

When gold goes up, cash flows for these companies go up multiples more.

With gold moving higher, these stocks need an incredible move higher…

A move that is now starting to happen.

And we can thank the Central Bankers for that.

For the better part of seven years the price of gold repeatedly tried (and failed) to break through stubborn resistance at $1,300 per ounce.

After seven years of trying gold had become a coiled spring just waiting to be released.

Finally… at the beginning of June of last year gold succeeded.

That coiled spring broke through that crucial $1,350 per ounce resistance level.

Once through that it rocketed to $2,000 in no time.

The money printing response to the pandemic has made the case for gold exponentially better.

This is a trade that is just getting started.

The time to buy this sector is now.

Fear is why Central Bankers have been quietly loading up on gold for years.

Fear of the mess that they have created.

Investors Across the World
Are Now Moving to Gold

This early rush is going to turn into a stampede.

This is happening now.

There is no more time to wait — investors need to capitalize now.

The Time To Get On This Stock Is Now…..Before The Institutions Discover It

If you’re a smart investor, or an older investor, you knew most of the material I just gave you… or you suspected it.

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Second, analyst reports bring the institutions and the billions of dollars that they manage.

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5 – Management has a big stake in the company

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7 – A tight share structure; creates explosive upside

8 – A superior business model that has the fattest profit margins in the industry; at virtually any gold price this company mints cash flow

The report I’m about to offer you
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This man only moves when the upside can result in life changing wealth creation.

This stock is perfect for the current macro environment.

Smart investors realize that all four global trends I showed you today are creating a tailwind for gold stocks that is going to last for years.

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