This story will likely go down in history. Lucky for you, it’s brief.

Last week, Fosterville South (FSX-TSXv) COO Rex Motton staked the core, the guts, of a prolific historical high grade gold belt in Australia—over 500 km2—the minute it became available.  

It’s had over 1.5 million ounces of historical production at 33g/t – one full ounce per ton–grades that are similar to Kirkland Lake’s (KL-NYSE/TSX) Fosterville Mine.

Here’s how it happened.

As quick background, 60 year old Motton was born raised and worked in Victoria State for not years, but decades. That’s why he was able to stake the most prospective ground in Victoria around the Fosterville Mine as the potential of its super high grade Swan Zone become apparent.

Motton has a deep understanding of the gold geology in Victoria–AND he knows everybody.

Last week, he was talking with Chairman James Hutton, who is in Canada, 10 hours away. It’s 4 am at Hutton’s house.

Motton and Hutton had been talking about staking ground in the Walhalla belt. While talking, Motton notices that a certain numbered property (the Aussies call them “tenements”) is now available for staking.

Motton recognized the number. Or at least, he thought he did. 

He was sure this was the main tenement group of the Walhalla Gold Belt in southern Victoria state, Australia—only a couple hours east of Melbourne–and told Hutton this right there on the phone.

The Walhalla is a famous gold belt, and has produced over 1.5 million ounces at over 33g/t—making it one of the highest grade gold camps in the world. It’s just over a 4 hour drive from Fosterville South’s main asset grouping.

Hutton told him to hang up and get the ground!  

That’s what Motton did. He kept quiet about it for a couple days because he wanted to know–did he really get what he thought he staked?

Sure enough, the guts, the core, of the old Walhalla camp came up for staking right while Motton was at his computer–talking about getting ground at Walhalla! It came up at the right time, to the man with the deep knowledge of the area in his head to recognize that tenement number.

What are the odds of that?

The management team here now have a great problem. The full value of this land will likely be overshadowed by Fosterville South’s Lauriston project, due south and on trend with the Fosterville Mine. That’s what everybody wants to see drilled ASAP. 

Motton already had one huge staking win with the original Fosterville South land package, but now has come up big a second time.

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