Three Telehealth Stocks

Telehealth Industry Report: Plus Three Pure-Play Telehealth Growth Stocks

This order is for the Investing Whisperer’s telehealth industry report which includes profiles of the three pure-play telehealth companies that are growing by 30-100% per year. The order includes a bonus report, the Schaefer Method. There is a thirty-day money-back guarantee.

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Hi, Keith Schaefer here….

The biggest stock market winners of the past 20 years (Netflix, Amazon, Apple) all had one thing in common — they rode a massive mega-trend to rapidly growing revenues, earnings and cash flow.

Netflix had streaming, Amazon had e-commerce and Apple had the smart phone.

Studies of the greatest investors of all-time have proven that the key to their performance has been riding just one or two stocks that have been huge winners on the back of a mega-trend.

Telehealth is a healthcare specific mega-trend that has seemingly arrived on us suddenly.

Because of COVID-19 billions of people in countries across the world are realizing the same thing at the same time — that it makes a lot of sense to avoid the doctor’s office and instead have your appointment remotely through the internet.

For the patient telehealth is safer.  For the doctor, insurer and government it is cheaper or more profitable.  Everyone involved wins and suddenly everyone involved wants it.

Going into COVID-19 the telehealth industry was already growing at an annualized rate of 25%.  The arrival of COVID-19 has seen that growth rate go through the roof.

With just a 2% market share going into the pandemic the telehealth sector could see a 10-20X increase in revenue share in a relatively condensed period of time.

For investors this is a great opportunity because you don’t have to pick just one winning stock.  Instead you can spread your bets across a basket of stocks and still create incredible investment returns.

All you need it one winner out of that bunch.  The best telehealth stocks aren’t going to be doubles in the coming years, they are going to be 100-baggers.