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Hi, Keith Schaefer here….

As investors we once again find ourselves on the cusp of a huge stock market moment.

This is the sort of event that happens only once every ten years.

Ray Dalio — the most powerful hedge fund manager in history says that a Paradigm Shift is at hand.

Being on the right side of a moment like this is how fortunes are made.

This where intelligent investors can make a decade’s worth of returns in the span of a few months.

Ray Dalio has told us (and I agree) that to profit from this Paradigm Shift there is one asset that you have to own.

That asset is gold.

We can already see that he is right.  The price of gold has now broken free from a multi-year resistance level and is set to soar to multi-year highs.

This is our opportunity to make a ton of money because fortune is shining on us twice today.

I say that because as we head into this Paradigm Shift we are able to buy junior gold producers at historically low valuations.

After a decade of investor neglect these companies have literally never been this cheap — we are talking about dollar bills trading for pennies.


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