My #1 Hottest Technology Pick for Year 2020

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Hi, Keith Schaefer here….

There’s a lot of hype around EVs—Electric Vehicles.  You see Tesla stock at $2000/share, but there’s more to it than just a slick stock chart.

That only happens because of a huge groundswell of public support for a new mega-trend.  Climate is only one part of that mega-trend.  Investors are now more focused than ever on ESG—Environmental, Social and Governance issues—in their investments.

There is HUGE funds flow into companies that score high on ESG tests.  That’s why I researched this space—and found an undiscovered gem of a company that I am convinced will give shareholders a life-changing win, just like Tesla.

Imagine a company that has signed contracts in Europe and Asia with the global auto parts supply chain—and one major auto manufacturer—and yet has no research issued on it!

It is completely under the radar—despite having raised millions, and attracted millions more I free government grants!

How can this be?  Well, this is what I do for a living.  I scour the web, work my network and call everyone under the sun looking for these kinds of investments.

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