2020 Gold Report

This order is for the Investing Whisperer’s hottest gold pick for 2020 and includes a bonus report, the Schaefer Method. There is a thirty-day money-back guarantee.

Urgent: Now for the month of June 2020, we are offering as a bonus, two extra reports including:

  1. 1. The Stock with 40x Potential: This penny gold stock has a CEO whose previous company went from 15 cents to $10.00 in four years. Can he do it again?

2. The Guide to ESG Investment: It’s not just the balance sheet that affects stock prices anymore.

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Hi, Keith Schaefer here….

As investors we once again find ourselves on the cusp of a huge stock market moment.

This is the sort of event that happens only once every ten years.

Ray Dalio — the most powerful hedge fund manager in history says that a Paradigm Shift is at hand.

Being on the right side of a moment like this is how fortunes are made.

This where intelligent investors can make a decade’s worth of returns in the span of a few months.

Ray Dalio has told us (and I agree) that to profit from this Paradigm Shift there is one asset that you have to own.

That asset is gold.

We can already see that he is right.  The price of gold has now broken free from a multi-year resistance level and is set to soar to multi-year highs.

This is our opportunity to make a ton of money because fortune is shining on us twice today.

I say that because as we head into this Paradigm Shift we are able to buy junior gold producers at historically low valuations.

After a decade of investor neglect these companies have literally never been this cheap — we are talking about dollar bills trading for pennies.

I’ve worked with junior gold companies in the capital markets since 1991 and I can tell you for a fact that this is the GREATEST BUYING OPPORTUNITY I have ever come across in this sector.

It isn’t even close.

I will not be letting this opportunity pass me by.  In fact I told my wife that I expect to make more in the stock market in 2020 than I ever have before.

I have scoured the entire junior gold sector for months and I can tell you that there is one gold stock that has the highest leverage to this Paradigm Shift.

To be clear this is not a high risk trade.

This is a great company trading at an incredibly low valuation.

It is an asymmetric opportunity – very low risk and very high reward.

The key to my long term investment success has been that I’m extremely picky.  I don’t ever settle for just a cheap stock — I want the perfect stock.

That means low downside risk and huge upside potential…..my team and I are always on the lookout for these asymmetric opportunities.

This is why I only buy stocks that tick every box on my demanding investment checklist.

Which is exactly what this gold stock does…

1 – A dirt-cheap valuation, trading for pennies on the dollar

2 – A pure play on gold, the leverage to gold is huge

3 – Massive growth coming, production is on the verge of jumping 100%

4 – Top notch management that is aligned with shareholders through a big stake in the company

5– A tight share structure, creates explosive upside

6 – Zero debt on the balance sheet, I wouldn’t have it any other way


These are the fundamentals that this stock offers…

It has everything that I want.

Now is the time to get exposure to gold BEFORE the rest of the investment world figures out that the Paradigm Shift is at hand.

Investor portfolios across the globe currently have a record low allocation to the gold sector.

The average global portfolio has only a 0.8% weighting to this sector — Ray Dalio believes that this number should be 7.5%.  That means that the money flowing in this sector should increase 10X!!!

That is incredibly bullish — all of that money chasing these stocks.

This isn’t an opportunity to earn a nice return.

This is the once in a decade opportunity to make a killing by being positioned for a Paradigm Shift.

There are 7, 8, 9 baggers that are going to be coming out of the gold sector in 2020 and I have found the best way to get exposure to that.

This is how you turn a $10,000 investment into $90,000 in the span of a few months.

Fortunes are made by being ahead of the market before a Paradigm Shift occurs.

Now is the time to beat the market to this opportunity…..